During the past several weeks, I have been challenging myself to wear my jewelry more often. You saw me set the challenge, then take that challenge and style my statement earrings and my necklaces. This week, as the final installment in this challenge, I am showing you five outfits styled around my bracelets.

As I mentioned in my last post where I styled my necklaces, I am the least comfortable wearing bracelets. I don’t know if it’s the constant clinking on my keyboard or the fact that sometimes I don’t think that bracelets look all that good on me, but bracelets aren’t my favorite.

Leaving my feelings aside, I styled some outfits around five bracelets. Most of the bracelets in my collection come with a story, so enjoy the looks and the tall tales.

Outfit #1: Turquoise Cuff

One Christmas in the past 12 years, my now-husband gave me this bracelet that was made by his grandfather, Alan, who also ended up making our wedding rings. This is one of my most prized possessions, so I knew I had to style it for this post.

I ended up creating a look that is totally me. I don’t love anything more than a flowy blouse, joggers and a pair of clogs and that’s exactly what I put together here. I was going for the vibe of one of those Midwestern hippie women that piles on silver jewelry and always looks effortlessly put together. Did I achieve it? I think I did.

Details: Bracelet – Gifted | Top – Neon Gypsy in Auckland, NZ | Pants – Target, 81 Outfitters | Clogs – Ross | Sunglasses – Target

Outfit #2: Lavender Paper Bracelet

I bought this bracelet and the next one at the fair trade store that my mom worked out a couple of years ago. I was always inspired by the jewelry that they had in that store because it was so colorful, handmade and made from different materials. I bought this bracelet for myself because I liked the color and the fact that it was made out of paper. (Hot tip: don’t get it wet.)

I have a notepad in my phone where I write all kinds of shit down. One of those notepad pages is dedicated to outfits I think of and want to wear eventually. This one was on that list: lavender and light wash denim.

This look makes me so happy because it is the 90s mom look of my dreams, but then it gets a little saucy with the open back and shades. I will definitely be wearing this look very soon!

Details: Top – American Eagle | Jeans – Target | Sunglasses – Thrifted | Bracelet – Fair Trade | Sneakers – Adidas, Poshmark

Outfit #3: Blue & Gold Beaded Bracelet

I had looked at this bracelet for a long time before I bought it because I wasn’t sure if it would go with anything in my closet. I wasn’t wrong, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear it.

This is more of a country 90s mom look, right? Haha. It’s probably the bootcut jeans.

I went simple with this look. Good medium wash jeans, a white henley top and black booties. The bracelet doesn’t necessarily stand out in a good or a bad way, it just adds a little something. If you look closely, I am wearing earrings with a little blue bear on them, which just brings more blue to the outfit.

There’s not much to dislike about this look and I think you could add different shoes and accessories and take the look in a different direction. Imagine this outfit with white booties and purple accessories.

Details: Jeans – Kut from the Kloth, Nordstrom | Top – Thrifted | Booties – Thrifted, Carlos by Carlos Santana | Earrings – Thrifted | Bracelet – Fair Trade

Outfit #4: Turquoise Bracelet

Here comes another story. My Grandma Kay is one of my favorite people on the planet. She is beautiful and stylish and cracks me up regularly. I was at a family event and she was wearing this bracelet and I said, “Grandma, I like your bracelet.” She said, “You do? Here.” She took the bracelet off and gave it to me and I’ve had it ever since. I love her with my whole heart.

This look is my stab at a cool, professional woman. I, along with people all over the world, sometimes struggle with incorporating their personal style into their professional clothes. This is an example of an outfit that feels like me, but is also appropriate for the office. Two quick and easy ways to add personality and style to professional looks are to accessorize and to add color!

A colorful pant and a white blouse is an easy outfit. I spiced it up with a tan blazer and tan booties, which I will be giving away on my Instagram in the weeks to come. Lastly, I matched my earrings to the bracelet, which were just some beaded turquoise dangly things. I think Grandma Kay would dig this look.

Details: Top – American Eagle | Pants – Thrifted | Booties – Thrifted | Blazer – Thrifted | Earrings – Bought in 2016 in Utah | Bracelet – Gifted

Outfit #5: Earth Tone Beaded Bracelet

For this last outfit, I styled a bracelet that unfortunately broke before I could take a close-up shot of it. I thrifted it a couple of years ago because it was green, brown and white and featured a charm with a lotus flower on it.

Those neutral tones inspired me to go green. I layered a kimono that may or may not be a beach cover-up over a white long sleeve and green pants. Lastly, I added my brown booties.

I LOVED this look because it’s green and it’s boho and it’s flowy. I thought the bracelet went beautifully with the rest of the pieces and it will surly be missed.

Details: Kimono – Wal-Mart | Long sleeve – Kohls | Pants – Target | Bracelet – Thrifted | Booties – Thrifted

I can’t lie to ya, folks. I’m still not a bracelet lady. I like all of these looks, but when I was shooting the photos and/or wore them in real life I wanted to take the bracelets off and I probably did fairly quickly.

What this means to me is that I shouldn’t buy anymore bracelets and I should get rid of the ones that I don’t absolutely love or have a sentimental attachment to them.

Let me know in the comments which look was your favorite and if you are a bracelet person. My mom surly is a bracelet lady, but I must have not taken after her in that regard.