My journey towards getting more use out of my jewelry continues today with four outfits styled around my necklaces.

I have discovered, as I was writing these posts and shooting photos for these posts, that I am doing them from most worn to least worn on accident, meaning I wear earrings the most and bracelets the least. Necklaces are in the middle because I sometimes wear them and other times, I don’t wear necklaces for weeks. My posts are in order of the frequency that I wear them.

For me, most things are about comfort. I’m constantly asking my jewelry, are you comfortable enough for me to wear for long periods of time? My jewelry doesn’t respond, if you were wondering. But, I usually conclude that most things aren’t that comfortable for me to wear all day, which is why I’m doing this challenge. I want to know what items I should keep that I am realistically going to wear. So, part two of my challenge is a go!

If you aren’t caught up on this adventure, I announced my challenge to myself here and I styled outfits around my statement earrings here.

Outfit #1: Silver Layered Necklaces

As I mentioned in previous posts, achieving the trendy layered necklaces look isn’t as easy it seems. The necklaces have to be the right length! That is the key.

I layered a necklace that Logan gave me years ago that is a wax seal with a “C” on it with a Christmas gift from my parents from GLDN over a look that I have been contemplating for a couple of weeks now: a crewneck sweatshirt and a long skirt.

I grabbed one of the oldest items in my closet, a JMU sweatshirt that my mom got me when I was in high school in 2010/2011, and my favorite skirt. It felt right to pair it with my Doc Martens and some shades. Continuing the trend, I felt like a cool girl in this look. I’m not sure where I would wear this, but I will figure it out so I can share this moment with the world.

Details: Sunglasses – Thrifted | Necklaces – Gifted | Sweatshirt – Gifted | Skirt – ASOS | Boots – Thrifted, Doc Martens

Outfit #3: Jade Beaded Long Necklace

This is one of my most worn necklaces and that is probably because it is long and green. It goes with a lot of my clothes and green makes me happy.

I threw it over my new blue floral dress from Wal-Mart and slipped on my mint Vans that I thrifted. I ended up loving all the colors together! This outfit felt like a totally spring look to me. And this dress has pockets, so that’s amazing, obviously.

I could easily throw a denim jacket or cardigan over this dress and wear it just about anywhere.

Details: Necklace – Target | Dress – Wal-Mart | Sneakers – Thrifted, Vans

Outfit #4: Dangly Shell Necklace

These sorts of necklaces are tough for me because they are very feminine and tend to get on my nerves. I like this one because it has shells on it and that natural, beachy vibe is right up my street.

I wanted the necklace to stand out against neutral pieces, so I went for a burnt orange t-shirt, black flowy pants and leopard print mules. I love how simple this look is and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

The necklace really was the focal point and the rest of the look was just comfy. I will definitely be wearing this look next time Logan and I have a date night, maybe with a denim jacket over top.

Details: T-shirt – Target | Mules – Target | Necklace – Target | Pants – ASOS

I am always amazed by the outfits that I end up creating because it feels like, in retrospect, they were staring right at me on those days when I felt like I didn’t have anything to wear. I will be recreating these looks in my real life very soon and I will be continuing to experiment with my necklaces. These are all keepers in my collection!

Let me know which look is your favorite and if you are an avid necklace wearer or, if you are like me, and you are meh or nah about necklaces.