Last week, I challenged myself to wear my jewelry more often and this week and for the next two weeks, I am going to be styling outfits around statement earrings, necklaces and bracelets. First up, statement earrings!

I chose five pairs of earrings out of my statement earring collection and styled outfits around them. Please note that these are “statement” earrings in my humble opinion. They may not be “statement” earrings in your world.

Outfit #1: GRL PWR Earrings in Speckled White and Black by Plum Poppy Design

As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, I love these peace sign earrings that I bought in the middle of the pandemic, but I don’t wear them that often. So, here I am giving myself the perfect opportunity to style them up! I’m not sure why, but polymer clay earrings are super trendy these days. Just search them on Etsy or Instagram and you’ll see that I am not lying to ya.

The fingernails on the hand that is holding up the peace sign are pink, green and purple, so I knew I wanted my outfit to be one of those colors. You guessed it, jewelry works like clothes. You can match one color in a piece of jewelry to the rest of your outfit.

This green dress is one of my favorites in my collection and I hadn’t worn it in awhile, so I thought I’d pair it with my new thrifted gray booties for a cute daytime look.

I like how your eye is drawn to the earrings in these photos and that the dress compliments the whimsical nature of the earrings. A printed dress or look would have been too busy for my liking, so a fun color was the way to go for me. I plan on wearing this outfit out in the real world very soon.

Details: Earrings – Plum Poppy Design | Dress – Target | Booties – Thrifted

Outfit #2: Woven Earrings

I have never worn these earrings before because I never put enough time into thinking about how to style them. Here was my chance.

Because these earrings are a neutral, tan color, I knew I wanted to go with a look featuring more neutrals. A brown, flowy sweater and leopard print mules fit the ticket and then my favorite dark wash jeans made for a casual, cool look.

The earrings are definitely the focal point, but it jazzes up the rest of the outfit, which is pretty plain by my standards.

Sadly, I ended up donating these after taking these photos. Believe it or not, they are really noisy.

Details: Earrings – Target | Sweater – Kohl’s | Jeans – KUT from the Kloth, Nordstrom | Mules – Target

Outfit #3: Honey Bee Earrings

I love all honey bee paraphernalia because it is my way of honoring my sweet dog, Honey Bee, which is probably why my mom got these earrings for me.

I thought it would be cool to wear black and yellow to go along with the bee theme, so that’s what I did. The base outfit is simple, just a black tee, jeans and white sneakers. What makes it bee-related is the yellow bag.

I thrifted this yellow bag because I wanted to add more color to my wardrobe and it came in clutch for this look.

Is it just me or does adding a dangly earring and a statement bag make the outfit a little bit more elevated than an average t-shirt and jeans look?

Details: Earrings – Gifted | Jeans – Target | Sneakers – Adidas, Poshmark | T-shirt – Target | Bag – Thrifted

Outfit #4: Leaf Chain & Crystal Earrings

These earrings are another gem from my momma and they sometimes puzzle me in the style department. They feature neutral colors and clear crystal, but they are long, so I like to pair them with something that has little to no shoulder detailing on it.

I have been dying to wear this white dress, even just for a minute, and it seemed to be the perfect blank canvas to feature the earrings with.

Once again, I think that a patterned outfit would have been too much for these earrings, so a solid color was the best bet in my mind.

Can we all agree this dress is fabulous? Thank you for your time and thoughts.

Details: Earrings – Gifted | Dress – Thrifted | Mules – Thrifted

Outfit #5: Macrame Earrings from ClayNFiberCo

Lastly, I styled a macrame pair from Clay & Fiber Co, which are a very cool dark real color.

I wanted the color to stand out, so I paired them with black and white and a neutral pair of shoes. This white denim jacket is proving to be a very versatile, worthwhile purchase because it is actually a dress. I liked it over top of this black and white striped jumpsuit and the earrings shines through even though they are not the brightest color.

Details: Jumpsuit – Target | Denim dress – ELOQUII Elements for Wal-Mart | Sneakers – Old Navy | Earrings – Clay & Fiber Co

Do you have a pair of earrings that you don’t know what to style with? Use some of my tips and get some use out of those jewels! And if you don’t like them after all or can’t find a way to style them, get rid of those puppies and focus on the other ones that you love.

Part one of my challenge is completed and you all can tell me how I did and which outfit was your favorite. You can look forward to outfits styled around necklaces next week!