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Challenging Myself to Wear my Jewelry More Often

If you are like me, you have a decent amount of jewelry that you have collected over the years. Also, if you are like me, you don’t really wear all of the jewelry that you have collected. It’s not that you don’t want to, it’s because you just don’t.

Maybe it’s because you are in a hurry when you are getting dressed and you just grab whatever is comfortable and convenient. Maybe it is because your jewelry collection doesn’t match your current style or lifestyle. Maybe it’s just flat out laziness. It could be any of those things, but I am taking a stand against myself and making myself get more use out of my jewelry. In this post, I will detail what I am doing to get more use out of my jewelry.

If you have a bunch of jewelry and you are happy wearing your standard accessories, that’s cool with me. I just have a complex in my mind that keeps me from holding on to things that I am not using. Call it reverse-hoarding. I like getting rid of stuff.

Action #1: Store my jewelry in a way that is easy for me to see it, access it and put it back after I am done with it.

Is there anything worse than tangled up jewelry? For me, the answer is no. I usually end up giving up on the piece and wearing something else of no jewelry at all.

To combat that I have spent some years trying to figure out what storage system works best for me. A lot of people hang necklaces on pegs on the wall and drop pairs of earrings into a hanging wall organizer. Because I have moved several times in the past few years and I didn’t want to make another hole in the wall of a rental property, I have stuck with storing my necklaces on cards. (Here’s the inspiration for this storage technique that I found on Pinterest years ago.)

I grabbed some old paper and cut two slots in it for my necklaces to hang from. This way, my jewelry doesn’t get tangled up and I can easily pull items up to see if I want to wear it.

Do whatever works for you, but this is the way for me. If my necklaces are unorganized, there’s no way in hell I will bother with putting one of them on.

Action #2: Look up different types of jewelry and jewelry styling on Pinterest and Instagram.

Layered necklaces are the thing right now and Instagram models always make it look easier than it is. So, I started by saving, pinning or screenshooting jewelry that I liked or I liked the styling of. Then, I replicated the look, or tried to at least. I haven’t mastered this yet, friends. But, I am trying.

The key to layered necklaces from what I can tell is necklaces at varying lengths. If you are thicker lady, like me, you may need an extender for your necklaces. You can get them everywhere, but I would start with a search on Etsy.

Remember, we don’t have to get this thing right the first time. It’s fashion, not rocket science.

Action #3: Hold myself accountable for putting on jewelry everyday when I get dressed. Make it a habit! Make it part of my routine!

(Pictured is three different looks on three different days and I wore jewelry in every look! Check-out my Instagram for all the outfit details.)

Simply put, adding jewelry to my looks is not a part of my routine. So, I am currently attempting to make it a part of it. What messes me up is the weekends. If I don’t “get dressed,” I don’t wear earrings or any jewelry for that matter.

Screw that! I am pledging here and now to put on jewelry no matter what I am wearing. Activewear and loungewear are included in this challenge, but I will forgive you if you don’t wear jewelry to the gym. Let’s get decked out! A calendar reminder to layer on the bling seems like a good way to remind yourself to take the step of adding accessories.

Another fun thing to do to make yourself wear jewelry is to participate in or host an outfit challenge on Instagram that is centered around accessories. You can’t play if you don’t add the jewels. See what I mean?

Would y’all be interested in participating in an outfit challenge if I hosted one? Let me know.

Action #4: If I find myself hating a piece of jewelry, donate it, sell it, give it away or make something else out of it.

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t like holding on to things that I don’t use. What this means in the case of jewelry is that if I am not vibing with something, I make a point of getting rid of it at its current state. Don’t throw it away, but get it out of your space.

If it is a sentimental piece, give it a new life as something else or tuck it away for safe keeping.

I hate putting on something and halfway through the day remembering why I hadn’t worn it in a long time…because I hated it! Here’s to me not getting in my own way.

Action #5: Only bring in jewelry to my collection that I know I love and will wear!

(Pictured here are earrings I really freaking love from Plum Poppy Design, but don’t wear that often because they are so big.)

Y’all already know I thrift a lot and when I see something amazing for cheap, I get it immediately. Here’s the lesson, just because it’s cheap and/or cute doesn’t mean it will be the piece for you.

Try the pieces on, if you can, and make sure you know exactly how that item will fit into your wardrobe.

Don’t waste your time and/or money if it is not the perfect piece.

I am trusting all of you to hold me accountable and shout at me in the comments of my posts if I am not wearing jewelry! And once again, jewelry is very specific to the wearer. This could all be bogus for you and your life.

Tell me in the comments if this is bogus for you or if you are ready to take on this challenge with me!


  1. Anne

    Great idea. All those business cards we all collect would be great for the jewelry too!
    Thanks friend!

    • Colleen Large

      Very true! Playing cards, greeting cards, whatever would work.

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