I’ve got feelings about Old Navy. You are probably thinking, “Colleen, what don’t you have feelings about?” I’ll let you know when I find something.

Anyways, Old Navy is notorious for being affordable and giving the world a decent pair of jeans. It is, of course, a fast fashion company and they have been rumored to cut up their clothes and throw them in the dumpster, instead of donating them to people in need. (Don’t believe me? Look it up.)

However, Old Navy is accessible to the masses in both sizing, location and price point. There are items at Old Navy that will last you awhile and can end up being staples in your closet. Other times, you will be stuck with a polyester dress that becomes shorter and shorter every time you wear it.

I like that Old Navy has short, tall and plus size section and men’s and kid’s sections, of course. They can really dress the whole fam.

My feeling aside, I tried some stuff on in-store and I am here to share my thoughts with you.

I first want to mention that I bought a couple of things that I could not find on the website.

This dress was available at my store in a bunch of sizes. It was almost $50, which seems a bit ridiculous considering the sheerness of the fabric and the overall quality of the dress.

I tried on an XXL, which is my normal size in non-stretchy Old Navy items and the fit was actually fantastic. The color was not my cup of tea exactly, but the embroidery was nice. If it would not have been see-through in the tummy area, it may have been something I purchased.

*A word about these item names: Yes, I am annoyed at how long they are. Yes, I am annoyed at the insistence of ending every title with “for women.” Ok, no. Whoever wants to wear these items can do so, thank you very much.

Item #1: High-Waisted Sunday Sleep Ultra-Soft Dolphin-Hem Pajama Shorts for Women — 3-inch inseam, Size XXL

Who doesn’t like a good sleep short? Am I right or am I right? I love a sleep short and these were mega soft, so I knew I wanted to try them on. My only concern was that these red and white striped ones were pretty see-through, so I ended up purchasing the Light Heather Gray version.

These were a decent length and will probably be my chosen loungewear for summer. I bought these for $15, which was a good price in my book.

Item #2: Loose Thick-Knit Striped Embroidered Graphic Easy Long-Sleeve Tee for Women, Size XXL

I saw this tee on the way to checkout and I didn’t try it on until I got home, which is always a risk. But, I am happy that I got it because I really like it!

The fabric is thicker than a normal t-shirt, but thinner than a sweatshirt, so it is perfect for this in between winter and spring weather that we are currently experiencing in Virginia. I dig the peace sign and the stripes, of course. And the cropped length is perfect to wear with all of my high-waisted jeans and joggers.

Item #3: Soft-Brushed Faux-Suede Sneakers for Women, Size 10

As you may know from my Instagram, I am on a mission to collect more sneakers. They are comfy, what I can say.

I saw these Taupe Brown ones and thought they would go nicely with my dresses and jeans, so I bought them. They were a little overpriced at $30, but I have already worn them and they are pretty comfortable, so I’m not too mad. These came in a bunch of colors and are a basic style that can be worn with loads of different things in many different styles.

Item #4: Mid-Rise StretchTech Jogger Pants for Women, Size XXL

I have heard excellent things about Old Navy’s activewear, but didn’t feel like trying on leggings, so I went for joggers, my favorite type of pant. I grabbed the In The Navy color to try-on because blue bottoms do well in my life.

These were a more scratchy fabric that made a swishing sound when I walked and they fit very oddly. They were low-rise and tight in the leg. All and all, they were super uncomfortable. No, thanks.

Item #5: Mid-Rise Breathe ON Jogger Pants for Women, Size XXL

These joggers were on the clearance rack at my location and were absolutely worth the $16 I paid for them. This green color, that they called Lost in the Woods, is a nice change from the blacks, grays and blues that I currently have in my jogger collection and these were loose and soft.

The fabric wasn’t too thick and the pockets laid nicely on my hips. These come in other colors as well, so pick some up if you are wanting to get into the jogger game.

Item #6: Vintage Tie-Dye T-Shirt Plus Size Shift Dress

I couldn’t find the straight size link to this dress, but this is the identical dress in plus size. I tried on the XXL in the straight sizes.

I wanted to try on this dress because I love a t-shirt dress and I love tie dye. It also came in a bunch of other prints, like camouflage. I wouldn’t say that this dress was flattering on me, but I don’t particularly care about that, especially for how I would wear this, which is around my house and to sleep in.

It was good quality and soft, but seemed to be a little bit too short for my liking.

Item #7: Smocked-Yoke Floral Print Swing Top for Women, Size XXL

Lastly, I wanted to try on this top because it has the trendy puffed sleeves and square neckline and the print was a cute ditzy floral.

I should have known when I felt it that I wasn’t going to like it because it was in a cheap polyester fabric, which is clingy, uncomfortable and doesn’t hold up in the wash.

I did not like the neckline on myself and the length was awkward. I think these sorts of tops are best suited in a stretchy fabric or on women with smaller breasts and shoulders.

I’m sorry that I am not sorry that I didn’t try on jeans on this adventure, but I just didn’t feel like it.

I still feel the same way about Old Navy as I did when I walked in the door. It’s a hit or a miss. They don’t have overly affordable or good quality clothes and their styles are basic.

However, they serve a lot of communities and they make some cute basics. Let me know if you love Old Navy and what other brands you want to me to try out.