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American Eagle Try-On

I posted an American Eagle try-on and review back in July 2020 and it has been very well-received by my readers, so I decided that at my earliest opportunity, I would pay American Eagle a visit again. I had to wait until the dressing rooms were open at my location, which because of COVID-19, has not been very often in the last year.

I have some ideas about why people were so interested in hearing about American Eagle’s extended sizing that I discussed in my first post. I think it is because American Eagle is accessible for the most part, in location and in sizing, their prices are reasonable, and their styles are cool and wearable by most people’s standards. With all that being said, it was easy for me to find eight items that I wanted to try on, even though they may not have come in my size.

Item #1: AE Fleece Boyfriend Jogger in Gray, Size XL

As for most of the items that American Eagle offers, these joggers were mega soft, which is why I wanted to try them on. They were nice quality and fit perfectly in the leg, but they were so cinched in the waist that they would not have been comfortable to lounge in. They looked good, but I don’t want fitted joggers. I want comfortable and loose joggers. Ya feel me?

Item #2: AE Dream Curvy High-Waisted Jegging in Destroyed Dark Wash, Size 20

I mentioned in my last post that my American Eagle location usually doesn’t have anything over an XL and usually doesn’t carry many of the higher sizes in jeans. This size 20 pair of jeans was one of the only pairs that I could find in the store and, surprise surprise, they were very tight and would have been painful to button. I usually opt for a 22 in jeans because I don’t like tight fitting jeans, but, in this case, I wouldn’t have had a choice. (As I have previously stated, I can wear an 18-22 and an XL-3X depending on the style and brand.)

I liked the fit in the leg, but the distressing was excessive much like many of the other pairs of denim I saw in the store.

Item #3: AE Cropped Graphic T-Shirt in Natural White, Size XL

I love a cropped tee, so I grabbed this one to try on. This top was okay in quality, good in length and fit, and the print was cute. It seemed a bit overpriced at $24.95 and I felt like I could get something at a similar quality and lower price point at Target.

Item #4: AE Cropped Square-Neck Tank Top in Red, Size XL

I picked this top up to try on because I liked the print, which fits into that ditzy floral print trend.

This was a very thick fabric and I really liked the neckline and the width of the straps, which almost completely covered up my bra straps. We love a tank top that allows you to wear a regular bra with it.

I’m not sure if I would have worn this very often, except for with high-waisted jeans, but it was very cute and comfortable. I would also be interested in experimenting with this piece as a layer over top of a white button-down shirt.

Item #5: AE Embroidered Blouse in White, Size XL

I didn’t need another white blouse, but I surly wanted one.

This billowy, ethereal top fit me a little oversized, which I loved, and the quality was nice for the price of just over $35. The length will be good for wearing with just about anything and I was happy to see that it came in multiple colors. It even had two clasps at the bust to give it a little more or less modesty. I also really enjoyed the scalloped edges on the hem.

I can’t wait to wear this top this summer and feel comfortable, protected from the sun and cute as hell.

Item #6: AE Forever Slouchy Hoodie in Blue, Size XL

I was drawn to this handkerchief printed hoodie because I love the ’90s vibes that it gives off and I was very happy that I tried it on. If you aren’t into this print, there were other solid color options available.

This hoodie was an oversized gem and it was super soft and comfy. It was kind of cropped and seemed to be good quality. I would have paired this with black distressed jeans and sneakers for a casual, comfy look.

Item #7: AE Cropped Cardigan in Mint, Size XL

I hope y’all know by now that I dig cropped cardigans. I LOVED this mint version that I saw at American Eagle.

I would have preferred it to be a little looser, but this more fitted version would have served as a top instead of a layer for me. The buttons also gapped at the bust like most button-ups do for me. I would have also liked for it to be a bit longer. At this length, I don’t think I would wear it very often. It did, however, come in a bunch of colors.

Item #8: AE Forever Crew Neck Sweatshirt in Navy, Size XL

I am one of those people that likes crew neck sweatshirts more than hoodies. Sorry not sorry.

This crew neck is an excellent piece of loungewear that came in a variety of colors. This sweatshirt was super soft and I really liked the distressed navy color. There was a nice split hem detailing and I would probably live in something like this.

I didn’t end up buying this because I liked the blouse more and knew that I could find something similar to this for cheaper in other places.

I hope this gives you more insight into American Eagle’s sizing and styles and inspires you to shop there. Most of their items are oversized in style, so they can fit a variety of sizes, which I like.

They have an extensive clearance section most of the time and I am really beginning to enjoy their tops, even though I do not like the lack of plus sizes that they have available in my location. I think they can continue to improve and expand, but they are doing okay for now.


  1. Nancy

    Great job Colleen. I like the black leggings . Also the white blouse.

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