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7 Monochrome Outfits

Fashion, as we know, is cyclical. Some trends come and go, others stick around for awhile. A trend that has stuck around for the last five years or so is dressing monochromatically. (One of my go-to monochrome looks that I have talked about before is the first look in this blog post.)

Monochrome means having one color, so wearing a monochromatic outfit means you’re only wearing one color. Your outfit can consist of different shades of the same color in different textures and it can include neutrals, like brown, black, gray and white. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule and you can wear whatever the hell you want.

Some people feel like dressing monochromatically is too matchy-matchy and they would prefer wearing different colors together. That’s totally fine and I do that often, but I would challenge you to try out a monochrome look in your favorite colors. Monochrome outfits usually make me feel very put together, sleek and fashionable, which are three good emotions that everyone can enjoy.

You can, of course, wear whatever colors you want. For this post, I created outfits around the following colors: black, gray, purple, blue and green.

*If you are one of those people that likes to chime in and say, “black and white aren’t colors,” you would be correct. However, wearing just black and white is an easy way to dress monochromatically.

I am happy to say that I was inspired to do this post because of an outfit challenge that is currently happening on Instagram called #monochromeathome and is hosted by @moosoutfits and @spagrettystylejournal.

Color #1: Black

Everyone wears black or at least has some black items in their closet. Why not put them altogether for a generally badass look?

This look is appropriate for just about anywhere, sans the denim jacket, and putting on or adding layers just adds to the detail of the look, the coziness and the coolness. I’m wearing slacks here, but black jeans would work as well.

Layer. Layer. Layer. Make each item a different texture for even more interest.

Adding white or gray accessories would make for a very classic look. But, if you are a little funkier, adding a pop of another color in an accessory could jazz up the outfit and draw someone’s attention to the accessory.

Outfit Details: Sweater – ELOQUII Elements | Slacks – Wal-Mart | Blouse – Thrifted | Denim jacket – Target | Boots – Thrifted | Sunglasses – Thrifted

Color #2: Gray

Growing up I associated the color gray with my gym clothes or a drab outfit. Now gray is elegant and versatile, in my eyes.

This effortless and cool look is one of my favorites because it is mad comfy and makes me feel like my personality is shining through even though I am wearing plain pieces. Also, a high-neck tank makes me feel saucy. Not sure why.

Wearing a monochromatic gray look that has an athleisure flare would be trendy and would nod to the gray gym clothes of the past. I’m thinking a heather gray sweat set, a charcoal oversized jacket, sneakers and some sunnies would be the most perfect airport look when those sorts of outfits are necessary again.

If all gray scares you, try different shades of gray and think outside of the box when pairing different cuts and styles together.

Outfit Details: Tank top – Target | Cardigan – Target | Tweed joggers – Target | Shoes – TOMs, Poshmark | Sunglasses – Thrifted

Color #3: Purple

Maybe I am tired of winter or maybe my new lavender pants are inspiring me to wear more purple. Either way, I’m here for it.

As an ode to spring, I paired lavender with white and brown. Then, for a layer, I added a teddy cardigan in dark purple. Take this as a sign to not be afraid to experiment with wearing traditionally summer or spring colors in the colder months. Either layer up or seek out winter items in non-traditional winter colors. This will spice up your outfits and allow you to get more use out of your clothes.

I have vowed to continue adding colorful pieces to my wardrobe, so that I can keep creating cool looks like this one. A young Colleen would have thought this look was fierce.

Outfit Details: Cardigan – TJ Maxx | Tank top – Target | Pants – Kohl’s | Booties – Thrifted

Color #4: Blue

Blue is the easiest color to utilize in order to create a monochromatic look because denim exists. If you aren’t into a denim on denim look, then pair your jeans with blue tops and jackets. My fave jeans look cool no matter what, so a simple striped shirt and sneakers seemed like the way to go for me.

You could also go the athletic route with blue. Think joggers and leggings with something oversized on top. I am for wearing active wear as much as possible because I seek comfort in every aspect of life, but pairing leggings with a chambray shirt makes the look less “I’m going to the gym” and more “I’m cool and I am comfy while running errands.”

Blue looks good with most colors, especially black and white, so your accessory game should be strong, although I went very simple with my looks.

Outfit Details: Jeans – Target | Blue long sleeve – Target | Sneakers – Adidas, Poshmark | Chambray shirt – Thrifted | Leggings – Girlfriend Collective | Sunglasses – Thrifted

Color #5: Green

Y’all know I had to do my favorite color, so I did a casual and a professional look for green.

Green goes good with brown, so camouflage print and brown booties are on the top of my list for creating a casual green outfit. Another more formal option is a green blouse. This wrap top is flattering on most body shapes and can take a seemingly shapeless outfit into something sort of hot.

If I was taking either of these looks on the town, I would layer up the turquoise jewelry because why not? This look makes me happy and reminds me that I should seek out gauze clothing as much as possible and you should too.

Add more green to your wardrobe if you can; it is a color that translates well throughout the entire year.

Outfit Details: Pants – Target | Booties – Thrifted | Green t-shirt – Thrifted | Jacket – TJ Maxx | Blouse – Target

I hope this post makes you less afraid of wearing all one color and inspires you to experiment with monochromatic looks!

A good way to start putting monochromatic outfits together is to think of your favorite color or the color that you think looks best on you. Then, grab all of your items of clothing and all of your accessories that you own in that color. Look at all your pieces and start putting looks together. This will require little thought once you find all of your similarly-colored pieces.

Let me know what your favorite color to wear all over is!

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  1. Nancy

    I like the purple one and I really like the blue shirt. You are a young Colleen!

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