I may have mentioned it before on my blog or on my Instagram, but I have a love-hate relationship with Kohl’s. There was a time when I was growing up that Kohl’s was one of the only places that I could shop because it was affordable and always had my size.

As I outlined in my Style Evolution, when I started thrifting I began to experiment with my style and realized that Kohl’s didn’t have what I needed in the way of fashion. I think for a long time Kohl’s did not have anything trendy or stylish for plus size people. In my opinion, they took advantage of plus size people who could not afford anything else. If you have nowhere else to shop, you will buy whatever fits, right? They could have stepped it up in the style department, but they didn’t for so long because they probably never saw a drop in sales.

But, plus size women have started to say, “No, I want to dress cute no matter what size I am and brands have to step it up or I will shop elsewhere.” Kohl’s is now rising to the occasion, slowly but surly. Influencers like @nataliemeansnice, @alexmichaelmay and @modachrome have worked with Kohl’s to make there plus size section relevant and that’s how I found myself shopping there again.

Alex, of @alexmichaelmay, wore this set on her Instagram and she spoke so highly of it that I wanted to buy it myself. I ordered it online and when I went to pick it up at the store, I got lost in the notorious clearance section and ended up picking up some pieces to try out.

All of these items are from the brand EVRI at Kohl’s, which seems to be the more trendy, up and coming line in the plus size section at Kohl’s. I did not list the prices of each item because they seemingly change everyday.

Item #1 & #2: Plus Size EVRI Split Neck Hoodie & Plus Size EVRI Ribbed-Hem Jogger Pants, Size 3X, Color: Gray Tie Dye

As I mentioned above, I was influenced to buy this set by Alex and she didn’t let me down. She showed us all of the different colorways that this set comes in, but I liked the gray tie dye print the most.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, matching loungewear makes you feel boujee, elevated and more put together than your average comfy clothes do. These are fleece-lined and very soft! I sized up because I have no time for tight loungewear, sorry ’bout it.

Joggers are a way of life and Kohl’s went ahead and split the neckline for me. Was I the only one that did that to every t-shirt and sweatshirt I had growing up? Just me? Ok.

Item #3: Plus Size EVRI Tiered Chiffon Dress, Size 3X, Color: Blue Squiggles

I grabbed this dress because I loved the color! I wear blue a lot, but I don’t have many pieces in this baby blue shade. I also liked the squiggle print.

This dress is fantastic until you get to the neckline. The ruffle collar, which is an ode to the prairie collar that is currently trendy, is not for me. When I tie it up, I feel frumpy. And when I untie it, I feel…frumpy. How’d that happen? If you are super tall and have less of an hourglass shape than I do, this may be the dress for you.

I am sad that this piece didn’t work out because I love the tiers in the dress and the sleeves are to die for.

I sized up in this dress because it was in a no-stretch fabric, but I could have gotten my normal size, I think.

Item #4: Plus Size EVRI Satin Slip Dress, Size 2X, Color: Dewberry Jam

I had a vision for this dress. I was going to be a ’90s goddess. I was going to wear this dress layered over a black t-shirt with black combat boots.

My vision could have been created, but because the neckline was lackluster and because I only had a single ’90s goddess vision for this dress, I made the decision to return this piece. I was, however, happy to see this style of dress available in plus at an excellent press point.

The cowl neck is cute in theory, but it did not lay just right on me. I also think that if it had been a different color, maybe black or blue, I would have been able to see a better use for it in my closet.

The quality was nice and it was true to size.

Item #5: Plus Size EVRI Belted Fashion Capri Pants, Size 22, Color: Delightful Lilac

Y’all know that I buy pants whenever I find them at a good price. These were no exception. Use me as evidence to not be afraid to wear cropped pants to show off your shoes and to change an outfit’s silhouette.

I love this shade of lavender and the cut and shape of these pants are great! These come with a belt, which is kind of flimsy but can be worked around or taken off. They also show all your lumps and bumps on your legs, but I don’t care too much about that.

Colorful pants are a wonderful addition to your wardrobe and can be worn casually and professionally. Imagine these pants with white heels or white sneakers! I am wearing a new t-shirt from Target with cutesy thick ladies on it and I think the colors all go really well together. Needless to say, I’m keeping these!

Even though I only kept three pieces, I was impressed with the pieces that I tried on. Kohl’s has a long way to go, but I am going to keep up-to-date on what they put out each season and continue watching how they improve.

Tell me. Do y’all shop at Kohl’s? Why or why not? I hope this inspires you to maybe give Kohl’s another chance or to reflect on your style and try new things.