We are coming up on the last holiday that we haven’t yet experienced in the COVID-19 pandemic: Valentine’s Day. That’s right, we are coming up on one year since the COVID-19 pandemic really started affecting Americans’ way of life. (Whether it should have started affecting our lives earlier than March of 2020 is another conversation for another day.)

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is the holiday where some people basque in the glory of their relationship, others celebrate love and a hatred for men with their gals, i.e. Galentine’s Day, or some try to ignore the Hallmark-created holiday all together. Whatever you choose to do, I’m here to tell you this: you should wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable on Valentine’s Day.

I’ve come up with four outfit ideas for you to consider for February 14 or any celebrations around that day. With that being said, you can flip me and Valentine’s Day the bird and wear your normal attire on that day. You do you, boo.

Outfit Idea #1: Something A Little Scandy

First off, I have started saying scandy, Colleen slang for scandalous, and I wanted to introduce my new word to you here on my blog for my Valentine’s Day post.

Now, I think you should embrace your inner sex kitten any day of the week, honey. But, if you don’t release your sexy beast side very often, Valentine’s Day is the day to do it for yourself or for your partner.

If you aren’t leaving the house during Valentine’s Day, then I think you can figure out what you are going to wear or not going to wear, if you know what I mean. If you are going out to pick up dinner with your partner or to buy wine and take-out for yourself, you may as well stunt on the people around you.

Keep it simple and wear what you are comfortable with. I choose classic sexy when I’m feeling up for it. Jeans and a white button-up made the perfect outfit for me for this occasion. The cherry on top is the lack of layering under the button-up. I wore a lacy bralette underneath and called it a day.

Maybe for you this is the time to bring out your hottest dress or to wear an open back or low cut top. Whatever you feel hottest in, wear it, partner or not.

Outfit Details: White button-up – ASOS | Jeans – Target | Bralette – Savage X Fenty

Photos by Ardy Wunder

Outfit Idea #2: Red + Pink

I don’t think it is lost on anyone in the western world that Valentine’s Day has a specific color scheme, pink and red.

If you are into being festive but don’t want to buy something new, try bringing out your favorite red and pink items from your closet for the holiday of love. Wear pink and red with your favorite neutral colors or try it with other colors. My recent obsession is pink and red together. I am inspired by the below looks by Olive & Alice (on the left), Anastasia Furrow (in the middle) and Faye Ellaby (on the right).

Outfit Idea #3: Playful + Cute

If you are more comfortable with cute and kitschy prints, go cute for Valentine’s Day! Think fun and flirty.

I saw this cherry-printed dress online and was sold. I will obviously wear this dress for other occasions other than Valentine’s Day, but the dress made me feel good so I went with it. I added black tights, knee high black boots, a denim jacket and red sunnies to complete this fun look.

If you have a mini dress that you love that you usually wear in the summer, layer it up and wear it all year round.

Outfit Details: Dress – ASOS | Denim jacket – Thrifted | Boots – Thrifted | Sunglasses – LOFT

Photos by Ardy Wunder

Outfit Idea #4: Festive Loungewear

Let’s be honest, most of us are ordering in or making a meal at home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And you know what that means, lounge wear. If you want to go festive, wear your fave Valentine’s Day graphic tee or heart pajamas. Or just wear an elevated loungewear set that makes you feel more put together than you actually are.

If I was in the market for Valentine’s Day pajamas, I would go for this candy heart set from Modcloth, this lip set from Betsey Johnson for Torrid, this Chaser hoodie and pants set from Nordstrom or this leopard heart set from Target (pictured left).

As for everyday loungewear, I am intrigued by this olive set from Madewell or this black set with an open back from Adore Me (pictured right). I recently purchased this set from Kohl’s for myself for Valentine’s Day because, well, I deserve it.

Maybe all you have the mental energy or desire to do this year for Valentine’s Day is to wear your unwashed sweatpants, watch The Office and eat ice cream out of the tub. That’s totally okay for you to do with a partner, with your besties or all by your damn self.

No matter what you want to do or are planning on doing this year for Valentine’s Day, I hope you are inspired by these outfits.

And remember, you are a babe and I will 100% be your valentine.