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HOKA Sneaker Review

In February, I started working at Target in the style department because I have yet to find a job in marketing and communications. I’m not hating working at Target, but my body, partfiulcarly my feet, have been screaming at me after every shift, so I wanted to get some new sneakers to help lessen my pain.

I first heard about HOKA sneakers from @katiesturino. She swears by them and convinces all of her friends to buy them, so when I heard that they were available at our local REI, I went to try them on.

They are pricey, costing more than $100 on average, but they are highly recommended by podiatrists. I tried on several pairs in sizes 10, 10W, 10.5 and 10.5W and in different styles, including the Bondi 7 and the Clifton 8. I really appreciated that they had size 10.5 and wides in every size and style.

I decided on the Bondi 7 in a 10W in the Blue Fog/Blue Glass shade because they felt the best on my feet. They set me back $160. This particular pair is “the most cushioned shoe in the HOKA road-shoe lineup” according to their website and came highly recommended by the REI employees I talked to.

I even sat down beside a personal trainer who told me that I won’t want to wear any other shoe after I wear HOKAs for awhile and she told me they cost so much money because the sole doesn’t wear down like other sneakers. I will be the judge of that!

I am going to give these shoes a try over the next few weeks and report back with my thoughts over time. Let me know if you have tried or even heard of HOKAs before. I can’t wait to try them out and hopefully be in less pain.


  1. Samantha Pigott

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hoka I have the Speed Goat and often forget and refer tot he brand as hooka…opse! They are amazing, I wear mine for almost all of my hikes these days and if I had a nice pair would be rocking them to work also!

    • Colleen Large

      Oh yeah, I’m beginning to see how comfy they are and how uncomfortable my other shoes are.

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