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Black-Owned Businesses On My Wish List

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to share with y’all five Black-owned businesses that I simply can’t wait to support. I’m all for putting my money where my mouth is and voting with my dollar, so I think it is vital to invest in minority-owned businesses.

According to Green America, it is important to shop from Black-owned businesses for several reasons, including closing the racial wealth gap, strengthening local economies, fostering job creation and celebrating Black culture.

Talia Abbas and Shanna Shipin of Glamour put it well when they wrote the following:

“In addition to donating to social justice organizations and educating yourself through anti-racism resources, shopping Black-owned businesses is one of the most powerful actions you can take to support the Black community. Not only can your money help small businesses grow, but it puts the power directly into the hands of Black creators, employees, and consumers. This can go a long way to redistributing resources and promoting generational wealth—especially since white business owners have always had easier access to capital and more opportunities for growth.”

Or to put it oh so simply, “when we support Black-owned businesses, we are supporting black communities.” (Forbes, 2021)

On that note, let’s get into these businesses!

Telfar, owned by Telfar Clemens

As the most well-known of my list, Telfar has created the latest “it” bag that anyone who is anyone is repping.

I have only very recently even considered the idea of investing in luxury fashion because the pieces seemed out of reach for me and sort of pointless. However, brands like Telfar have changed my mindset.

If I am going to spend a lot of money on an accessory, it has be one that I will wear often or one that is one of a kind and definitely has to be from a brand that I believe in. I’m not going to buy anything just to buy it; I have to love it and see a future with it. Telfar is becoming that brand for me because they are a Black-owned business and create very wearable, colorful bags.

I am particularly interested in their large shopping bag in any shade of green.

Brandon Blackwood NYC, owned by Brandon Blackwood

Another bag brand that I am very interested in is Brandon Blackwood NYC, which I first came across on Instagram. He makes really cool, classy, luxury handbags that are seeping into the everyday fashion world and are seemingly here to stay.

With limited and small product drops, customers have to act quickly, but they are also in for something unique and special if they manage to snag a bag. As for me, I am most intrigued by the trunk bags, which are square bags that have come in all sorts of colors, prints and fabrics. (Pictured above are several different versions of the trunk bags that were featured on the brand’s Instagram.)

BLK & Bold, owned by Rod Johnson and Pernell Cezar

In my quest to continue making a good cup of coffee in the comfort of my own home, my mom, husband and I have tried many different small and local coffee brands that we buy in-store or order online and make at home. BLK & Bold has recently been added to my list of coffees that I want to try. (The below photos are from BLK & Bold’s social media.)

The coffee is 100% fair trade, which is a mandatory prerequisite for me, and the business is Black-owned, so it seems like a really great option and I can’t wait to try it. (P.S. I am sad that I missed the Ben & Jerry’s Limited Batch of Change is Brewing ice cream that featured BLK & Bold coffee as an ingredient.)

Cloudy Donut Co., owned by Derrick Faulcon

What’s better than a fresh donut? Not much, I’ll tell ya. And since I like to spend time visiting my bestie, Claire, in Baltimore, Maryland, this spot has arrived and stayed on my radar for awhile now. (The below photo is from the shop’s Facebook.)

I don’t think I have ever had a vegan donut and I think my first one should be from Cloudy Donut Co.

Moonlight Roller Skate Shop, owned by Adrienne Cooper

Maybe it is because I spent some of my best Friday nights growing up at the roller skating rink in Berryville, Virginia or maybe it is because of the resurgence of rollerskating on TikTok, but I am in desperate need of some new roller skates. And I think there is no cooler place to look than Moonlight Roller Skate Shop.

Their signature moon boot is made out of vegan leather and is hella cute! I am obsessed with the rose quartz and flashdance, which are pictured above.

I hope this post inspires you to shop from Black-owned businesses and if you already are hooked on a particular business, please let me know about it so I can support them too.

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