Fashion trends are great. They mark where we are in time and speak to what society looked like at that particular time. They are an excuse to show off the creativity of designers and fashionistas and they are what keeps the heart of the fashion industry pumping.

I like the exploration and challenge of a new trend and, like most folks, I like feeling cool and hip with the times. It’s fun to look into the history of trends as well and to drool over luxury examples of the trends.

Following trends is obviously not mandatory. As always, if you don’t like a trend, don’t wear it.

Here’s a breakdown of the fall 2021 fashion trends; I’ve categorized them by trends that I’m ready to dive into, trends that have to be just right and trends I’m rocking already. I’m also going to include a few trends that I’m not vibing with.

These are my opinions and if you love something I hate, I say, “Go off, honey.”

I advise that you do not take a drink every time I say the word “trend,” unless that drink is water.

Here are my sources for this post; I will list individual sources throughout. Trends that I don’t talk through in depth are explained in these links.

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Also, if there is an * beside the category, I am claiming that this trend is easily thriftable.

Trends I’m Ready to Dive Into:

*Dark Academia

This trend is first on this list because, honestly, I am dying to dig deep into it.

Dark Academia “is an aesthetic born on social media that centres around learning and knowledge with a gothic edge. The trend often sees users sharing photos that offer a romanticised picture of education, such as books splayed open, vintage-style props, historical buildings and autumnal clothing.” Think trousers, blazers, dark colors and what a professor would wear in the fall.

Here are some examples of looks I personally am thirsting over; the photo on the left is from Pinterest and the one of the right is @themoptop. This aesthetic also features plaid skirts and loafers, which are not really my vibe, but still cool.

*Sweater Vests

This trend could seem to be linked in with Dark Academia and you could be right. Dark Academia could feature dark colored sweater vests with blazers. But, another part of this trend is sweater vests in bright colors that are oversized and texturized. Really cool people are wearing them with nothing underneath. Other equally as cool people are wearing them with shirts underneath, sometimes with exaggerated sleeves and collars.

Here’s a couple cool examples from Target, Urban Outfitters and PureWow.

Some other trends I’m ready to explore are saturated colors (some fantastic examples are featured throughout this post), high low dressing (mixing casual with formal pieces), shirt dressing (as in button downs), strong suiting, adventure boots and *messenger bags.

Trends That Have to be Just Right:

Cut Outs

A subtle way to do sexy is the cut out. Exposing different parts of the body can be oober chic or very Fashion Nova, which is fine, just not for me. Here’s some looks I enjoy from Eloquii, Christopher Esber and @remibader wearing Michael Costello X Revolve.

Interesting Knits

Described as “mega knits” by Glamour and being featured as sweater vests, two piece sets and in a variety of colors, knits are always trendy in the fall and winter months. This year they are chunky and long, as suggested by Glamour, and they are coming in separates and with amazing detailing.

Sometimes the knits don’t seem to fit my lifestyle, like I’m not going to be wearing floor length knits on an everyday basis. And other times, the new shapes get me excited.

As you may already know, I hate turtlenecks with the power of a thousand suns, so you won’t see any here, but they are trendy, just so you know.

These two examples are from WWD and were designed by Alia and Fendi. Are they not gorg? I think I’ve got some interesting knits in my closet that are waiting for the appropriate temperature to make their appearance.

Other trends that I think have to be just right for me to dig them include floral outerwear and *’90s revival.

Trends I’m Rocking Already:


This color has been trending for awhile now and I am happy to report that it’s sticking around for another season. I’m so digging the idea that typical fall and winter wear are showing up in lighter colors.

Below is a photo of yours truly wearing a lilac cardigan from Target and a lilac dream look from Phillip Lim.

*Slipper- Inspired/Clogs

Do y’all remember wearing clogs in the mid 2000’s? I do. They were mad comfy, so last year I bought some new ones and I have been rocking them ever since. I was initially reminded of them when I saw some folks rocking them on Pinterest. I just assumed they were wearing them because they were comfortable. Now they are trendy again. Bless.

Apparently this trend is keeping up with the work from home wardrobes and styles that we all so lovingly and longingly cultivated in the past two years and I’m here for it. I have been lusting over heeled clogs for awhile now, so this fall may be the time.

Below is me rocking my clogs and a photo that is inspiring me.

Two other trends I am rocking already are brown, baggy jeans and statement earrings.

Trends I’m Gonna Pass On:

I am not feeling the following trends, but if you are, do your thing: frog green, micro minis, cowgirl boots, *mini bags, *loafers, sparkles and sequins, and micro minis.

I hope this trend talk inspired you to experiment with new trends this season, whether that means you will be hitting the thrift store or vintage store, perusing your own closet or seeking out the goods online. Fashion is supposed to be fun. Get wild with it, hunnies.