If you have read any of my posts where I tell you what I am wearing, you know that I like Target…a lot. It is accessible in price point, sizing and location, so I shop their often and don’t mind recommending items from there. They are also making strides to be better for the environment from what I can see and I stand by their politics most of the time.

Target is bae.

I decided to go into the dressing room at Target and try on a bunch of stuff to show you what I am liking in the way of trends and what fits me. Target may be one of my favorites, but as you can see by the photo below, they still have work to do in the size availability department.

Here are my measurements before I get started:

Hips: 60″

Waist: 51″

Bust: 55″

I typically wear an XXL, 2X or 3X and anywhere from a size 20 to 24.

Item #1: Women’s Plus Size High-Rise Skinny Jeans – Ava & Viv, Size 24W

I grabbed a couple of pairs of jeans to try on because my two favorite pairs of jeans are from Target, specifically Ava & Viv, and I wanted to see what else they offered. (If you are curious, here are my current favorite jeans; I wear a size 24 in these for a bagger fit, but a 22 would fit me just fine.)

I grabbed these jeans because although they were skinny, they weren’t skin tight. I liked the fit, the button-fly and the wash. This size was a bit big on me; there was extra fabric in the crotch and waist, so I would have sized down in this pair of jeans. I would have preferred if there was no rips because then they could have been deemed more appropriate. Also, one rip on one knee? Weird.

Item #2: Women’s Plus Size High-Rise Slim Straight Jeans – Ava & Viv, Size 22W

I like a cropped jean and I like a raw hem, so these were an easy choice for me. I liked the darker wash and the worn in effect that they had and the 22 fit me just right.

The rise was perfect and the lack of distressing was right up my street. These are a winner in my book.

Item #3: Women’s Plus Size Knee Cropped Distressed Mid-Rise Slim Straight Jeans – Ava & Viv, Size 22W

Last in the jean department are these dark wash, distressed guys. They were a little too low-waisted for my liking, but the wash and the level of distressing was very nice. The size 22 fit me well and I think these are a solid option. Who doesn’t love a dark wash jean? With a white sweater in the winter? *Chef’s kiss.*

Item #4: Women’s Short Sleeve Bodycon Polo Dress – Wild Fable, Size XXL

I tried this knit dress on because I’ve seen dresses like this all over the place, as they are very trendy at the moment.

I liked the color and it felt very nice on my skin. I did not like the length, which was pretty short and the neckline was just not my cup of tea. If this was an oversized fit rather than a bodycon style, I think I would have liked it a lot more.

The colllar, though, is just not my speed.

Item #5: Women’s Short Sleeve Boxy Cropped Polo T-Shirt – Wild Fable, Size XXL

I tried on another trendy piece in this cropped, collared shirt. I get the appeal of this shirt because it is preppy and cute, but it, once again, was not my vibe. I do think, however, that you can get this for way cheaper at the thrift store. Find any old collared shirt and crop that sucker to achieve a similiar look. You can thank me later.

Item #6: Women’s Crewneck Extended Shoulder Sweater Vest – Universal Thread, Size XXL

Yes, I am still seeking a short-sleeved sweater to layer over long sleeve shirts and button-ups and this was not the one, sadly. I liked the color and the knit was decently soft. I would have wanted it more oversized to fit the vibe I was going for, but, alas, this was the biggest size they offered in-store and online.

Item #7: Women’s Belted Shirt Jacket – A New Day, Size XXL

I love a checked jacket. So much so that I got one from Target last year. I liked this one because it was soft to the touch and in neutral colors. The length was nice, even though I prefer a jacket that covers my booty.

As you can see, it did not button. It also was tight in the arms. I think a jacket like this is best oversized or perfectly fitted, so this was not the one for me unfortunately.

Item #8: Women’s V-Neck Sweater Vest – Wild Fable, Size XXL

A major trend for fall 2021 is the sweater vest, so I had to try one on. This was sort of itchy on me and very fitted. The color was nice, but I would have preferred a higher neckline.

I am also not going to be the person that wears a sweater vest alone. Like it’s a sweater with no sleeves…I would only wear one for layering over long sleeve tops, so I will be seeking out other, more oversized vests.

Item #9: Women’s French Terry Sweatshirt – Universal Thread, Size XXL

The color, which is not coming out correctly in my selfie, jumped out to me. Colorful basics are on my wish list at the moment and a sweatshirt is always a good choice. This sweatshirt was mega comfy and soft. I would have, you guessed it, liked it a bit more oversized.

Item #10: Women’s Plus Size Long Sleeve Woven Dress – Ava & Viv, Size 2X

I sometimes stray away from this color because I think mauves and dusty pinks wash me out, however, I think this dress was dark enough to suit me really well.

I loved most everything about this dress. The length was good and it was silky smooth. I can see myself wearing this to a work event or to a party. Imagine it with boots! I think I’m going back for this baby.

Item #11: Women’s Plus Size Elbow Sleeve Lace Puff Sleeve Knit Blouse – Ava & Viv, Size 2X

Last but certainly not least was this basic white blouse with a lace balloon sleeve. And this top was, I’ll admit, to die for. It fit me well at the 2X and I would wear it just like the model did in the photo above, tucked into pants.

These types of tops are essential to a wardrobe, in my opinion, because they are so easy to throw on and make casual or formal.

If you still aren’t inspired to go to Target, I don’t know what to tell you at this point.

I am 100% going back for the last two items that I shared with you and if I was in the market for jeans, I think all three of the ones I shared were solid options.

Target has some trendy, affordable pieces every season and I am grateful to them for that, however, I wish they carried more sizes in stores and offered every item in every size.

Let me know which brand or store I should try next!