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Curly Girl Tries Short Hairdos From the Internet

Recently, I chopped my hair off and I LOVE IT. For now, I am saying that I will never go back to long hair. Short hair is just so much easier to take care of. That does not mean that I am not struggling with how to style it. I can’t put my hair in a top knot anymore without half of my hair falling out of the hair tie and that’s just put a damper on my hairstyle game. So, I took to the internet to see if I could find some new ways to style my short, curly hair.

(If you are curious, the photo on the left is straight from the salon, blown out. The photo in the middle is with curl product in it and the photo on the right is with no product in it.)

In the following post, I will show you the original hairstyle and my attempt and I will give myself a grade for my work. The titles of these hairdos are not mine, by the way, I am labelling them whatever they were called on Pinterest. They are comical, so enjoy.

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Hairdo #1: Top Knot Messy Bun for Short Hair, originally by @erinfeldmeyer on TikTok

As I said above, I am missing my top knots. So, naturally, I was drawn to updos when I was searching for hairdos to try out for this post. I found this one and thought it looked easy enough, but also had some cool detailing in the back.

The idea is that you make a ponytail at the back of your head, scooping up shorter hair that would fall out of a top knot, and join that ponytail with another and then another. Then, take all that hair and put it in a top knot.

I think Erin’s hair is thinner and straighter than mine for starters, so that made it easier for her to create three little ponytails at the back of her head. I only managed to get two ponytails through, but, with some extra styling and tosseling, I liked the final outcome. I did do a top knot my way instead of her way because I tried her way and it looked like I had a small donut on my head. I needed a little more volume in my life.

Grade: B+

Hairdo #2: Girls’ easy short hair updo for summer

This was another attempt at a top knot and once again, our friend in the video has thinner and straighter hair than me and it is probably easier for her to loop her hair underneath than it is for me.

She managed to get her hair into a top knot by putting the hair at the back of her head into a ponytail and looping it under itself, then pinning it down. All of the hair then went into a top knot.

I managed to get a loop in there, but it didn’t look like I’d hoped it would. I think I could have been better about sectioning off my hair into even sections and I could have probably made the loop lower on the back of my head. I also didn’t do her version of a bun. It, once again, didn’t work out well for me.

I think some combination of this hairdo and the first one would make for a good look. Maybe I could do one ponytail and not loop it, then add a top knot? Worth a shot.

Grade: C+

Hairdo #3: Beautiful Quick Cute Hair Style for Short Hair, originally by @sophiehannah

Lastly, I wanted to try a variation of something that I have been doing regularly, which is just putting the hair on the top of my head into a small ponytail for a half-updo.

Instead of going the easy route and calling it a day, I followed the path of the last two hairdos, but only at the top of my head. I made a ponytail and then looped it underneath. I finished the look off by taking the rest of the hair on the top of head and putting it into a ponytail.

I think this was my favorite of the bunch and it’s no wonder because Sophie Hannah is amazing and I am now planning on attempting more of her hairdos.

Grade: A-

I only did three hairdos this go around because I, honestly, did not find as many styles that I liked. There was also an abundance of styles for folks rocking a middle part. That’s not for me, but if that’s for you, check-out Pinterest. I struggled with finding hairstyles to try that were modelled by people with hair like mine; the folks either had straight hair or very kinky hair. I’m somewhere in the middle.

I am quite obviously not a hair stylist, but we can’t all be a Kardashian with a full glam team at our beck and call. I think I did okay with these and am ready to try some more as I get more and more used to my new do.


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