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Mini Savage X Fenty Review

In 2018, goddess of music, fashion and makeup, Rihanna, started her own lingerie line called Savage X Fenty. The line celebrates women and men of differing sizes and shapes. They have also been known to put on a hell of a fashion show performance.

They have bras, underwear, lingerie and sleepwear and they go from size XS to 3X and 30A to 46D.

Their XTRA VIP program is a monthly subscription that gives members exclusive looks at new releases and discounted prices for $49.95. Like all other subscriptions, you can skip the month or shop the month.

For my birthday this year, I decided to purchase some items for the first time. I mean, when you see ladies looking this good, how can you resist? (All the photos below are from Savage X Fenty on Instagram.) I signed up for the VIP program as well.

Before I start, I want to add that some of these items will not have an image of me included for obvious reasons.

I also need to say that you do not have to have a partner to wear lingerie. You can wear lingerie for yourself! And you do not have to be a particular size to wear lingerie. Do you, boo. Do whatever makes you comfortable.

For sizing reference, I wear anywhere from an XL to a 3X and from an 18 to a 22 and I usually have a D cup size.

(All the photos below, besides the ones of me, are from Savage X Fenty.)

Item #1: Forever Savage Breast Cancer Awareness High Leg Bikini

Regular Price – $19.95 | VIP Price – $14.95 | My size – 2X

These underwear are part of a matching set, but the two items are sold separately. (The bra is up next.) That makes it easy for you to get two different sizes in the items.

I got the platinum gray color, but they come in several different colors. The band reads “Savage X Fenty,” and is reminiscent of the Calvin Klein set that almost everyone has.

These fit very high-waisted and comfortably. The band is a little snug, but I don’t mind the fit.

Item #2: Forever Savage Breast Cancer Awareness Bralette

Regular Price – $29.95 | VIP Price – $22.95 | My size – 2X

This is what I would categorize as a lounge bra, not good for exercise and doesn’t provide that much support, but it is oh so comfortable. Depending on the size that you choose, the straps will get thicker which will provide more support for women with bigger cup sizes.

I got the platinum gray color, which matches the underwear in the first item. All of the colors feature a band at the bottom that reads “Savage X Fenty,” just like the underwear.

The sizing of this item is good and the 2X fit me nicely, but if I wanted a really comfortable fit I would size up one size. The crisscross over the cups is very flattering on my chest and makes me feel confident enough to wear it by itself without immediately putting a shirt overtop.

Item #3: Forever Savage Jersey Legging

Regular Price – $49.95 | VIP Price – $39.95 | My size – 2X

We all love a good pair of leggings and these fit the ticket! These are some sort of hybrid legging because they aren’t really made for exercise, they are more loungewear (they are listed under sleep), but they aren’t see-through so you could work-out in them or wear them as pants out in the real world.

These are super high-waisted and very comfortable because of the thick waistband at the top. These leggings feature the same band as the underwear and bra, but in black and gold. They also feature the logo on the leg in lavender. There is another color option, navy blue with a gray logo on the leg.

I loved the fit of these and I would not size up because there is nothing I hate more than baggy leggings.

Item #4: Floral Lace Teddy

Regular Price – $64.95 | VIP Price – $49.95 | My size – 3X

I bought this piece for an upcoming post I want to do, so stay tuned for an exploration in sexy dressing, but I have to say I really enjoyed the fit and look of this item. I felt damn good in this teddy.

I sized up on this item because I knew it would have absolutely no stretch, which was the right choice because it fit me like a glove.

The lace is not itchy and the cups are very comfortable. I think the lace is high quality, so I see it lasting for a long time. It is, however, kind of hard to get into by yourself, but I managed to get myself into it.

It is easy to use the bathroom in, as there is a snap closure, like a bodysuit, down by the lady bits.

Someone tell me I shouldn’t wear this with jeans and a blazer!

Item #5: Floral Lace and Mesh Bralette

Regular Price – $32.95 | VIP Price – $24.95 | My size – 3X

I bought this item because I was in need of a black bra and I wasn’t in the mood for underwire and that’s just the truth. I can see wearing this daily or for more scandalous moments.

I really like the style of this bra and I would consider wearing it with something more low cut because of the mesh in the middle. It also comes in pink, which could come in handy in a wardrobe.

The fit was okay and the fabric was decently comfortable. I did find that it was riding up a little bit when I moved around.

(Also, how freakin’ hot is Tabria? You should follow her on Instagram.)

In conclusion, I would and will shop Savage X Fenty again. My favorite pieces were the leggings and the teddy, which is like both ends of the spectrum in this line, but, whatever, I like what I like. All of the other pieces were also good and worth purchasing. I would just consider your sizing and lifestyle when you shop.

I am very excited to see what Rihanna creates in the future and I am even more excited to continue seeing women and men of different shapes and sizes in amazing lingerie.

I hope you will try this line out and tell me how you like it. You’ll feel like a baddie, I promise.

Update on March 4, 2022:

I love love love the body suit and it is the only thing I still have from this haul.

The leggings ripped at the same after one wear. Both bras were very snug and so were the underwear, so much so that I never wore them out of my house.

I’m not planning on shopping here again and they could do with expanding their size range some more.


  1. Илья

    Clearly the size guide on Savage x Fenty’s website is not truthful. It claims a 3X is a size 20–22, but comparison photos to Torrid’s size 18–20 show it much smaller. And this is the largest size the brand offers. Additionally, the measurements listed in the size guide are hard to understand.

    • Colleen Large

      I felt like the sizing was true to size and I didn’t have much trouble understanding the size guide. I do, however, wish they would extend their sizing.

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