I had so much fun doing my first #whatidwear post, where I dressed like I was working with Ruth Langmore at the Missouri Belle in Ozark, working at The Alibi with Kev and V in Shameless, and hanging out with Frankie Bergstein in Grace & Frankie. So, I decided to do it again!

For more explanation on what the heck this challenge is, consult this post.

Shout out to my lovely friends on Facebook who made suggestions of which shows I should do next.

Show #1: Criminal Minds

I am currently binge watching this show and am utterly and completely obsessed with the relationship between Penelope Garcia and Derek Morgan. So, as an ode to the official baby girl, I dressed like I was doing research on a case with Penelope Garcia. Here’s some of my favorite looks of hers:

Penelope likes bright colors and accessories, but she dresses professionally enough to be acceptable at the FBI, where she works as a technical analyst. She always wears hair accessories and piles of jewelry. She, hands down, has the best style in the show. (Sorry, Spencer.)

I wore the brightest item of clothing I own (the cardigan) and managed to throw in some other shades of green and blue to pull the look together.

Outfit Details: Cardigan – Target | Skirt – ASOS | Tank top – Target | Headband – Target | Necklace – Target | Glasses – Warby Parker

Show #2: Gilmore Girls

As my all time favorite show, I had to do Gilmore Girls. So before we begin, Alexa, play Shadow Dancing by Andy Gibb. (Y’all remember that scene? If you do, you are a real stan.) Now that the mood is set, I can tell you that I decided to dress like I was working at The Dragon Fly Inn or The Independence Inn with Lorelai Gilmore. Here’s some inspo, but also how cute is Sookie?!

At work, Lorelai wore blouses and slacks often, as well as a DVF wrap dress here and there. She always looked like a boss. I wore my favorite blouse and black (stretchy) pants with boots to pretend like I was following Lorelai and Michel into the kitchen to get a refill on coffee from Sookie.

Outfit Details: Blouse – Thrifted | Pants – Wal-Mart | Boots – JC Penney | Bag – Thrifted | Mug – Gifted | Glasses – Warby Parker

Show #3: Gilmore Girls

When Lorelai wasn’t at work, her style became more playful and sexy. She loved a throwback to her younger days and definitely was not afraid of rewearing something she had had in her closet since she was a teen. Here’s what looks I think of when I think of off-duty Lorelai:

I imagined I was window shopping or grabbing Saturday morning coffee with Rory at Luke’s Diner and I love how the look came out. An elevated t-shirt and jeans was just the ticket.

Outfit Details: T-shirt – Target | Jeans – Target | Boots – JC Penney | Bag – Thrifted | Hat – Target | Glasses – Warby Parker

Bonus Show #4: Peaky Blinders

I kind of cheated on this one because I wore this outfit months ago, but I was channeling Peaky Blinders fashion in these photos. You can decide if I would be causing trouble with my husband, Tommy Shelby or fighting with the matriarch of the family, Polly Gray.

No matter what I was doing, you can’t deny the style in this show. I wanted to achieve a suit with suspenders look, so I went for a linen jumpsuit layered over a striped button-up. Not gonna lie, I felt like a badass.

Outfit Details: Sunglasses – Thrifted | Striped shirt – TJ Maxx | Sneakers – ASOS | Jumpsuit – Target

Spoiler alert, the #whatidwear challenge was just as fun the second time and gave me some outfit ideas that I wouldn’t mind repeating in my everyday life.

Let me know if you try out the trend and how you think I did!