TikTok has taken over. It is an endless stream of distraction, an apparent government threat and a source of creativity for people of all ages.

My bestie, Haley, like myself, has been subject to watching a few TikTok videos here and there. She even suggested to me that I should take part in one of the latest trends that includes creators pretending like they are in a particular show, movie or fictional universe and dressing the part.

Here’s some examples, but you can check-out #whatidwear on Tiktok to see more videos.




I thought Haley was right that it would be a good trend for me to try because I like movies and shows and I also like fashion. And I wasn’t about to let my horrific video editing skills get in the way, so here is my version of the trend.

Show #1: Ozark

For my first character look, I imagined that I was working at the Missouri Belle Casino with Ruth Langmore in Ozark. Here’s some photos of the biggest boss in that show to let you know who my style inspiration was.

If I was working at the Missouri Belle in the show Ozark, I would want to dress to kill. Literally. I wore this mint floral dress and brown booties, which is comfortable, but fly.

Details: Dress – Ross | Brown boots – JC Penney | Earrings – gifted

Show #2: Shameless

For my second character look, I dressed like I was working at The Alibi with my favorite couple, Kev and V, in Shameless. Here’s some inspo from the queen herself.

V tends to wear low cut and tight tops with jeans and high heeled boots, my spin on that is a checked flannel over a black tank and jeans. I threw on a hat to keep my hair out of my face and my most comfortable black booties. I would sling drinks with V any day.

Details: Flannel – Thrifted | Black tank – Target | Jeans – Target | Hat – Merch from The Devil Makes Three | Black boots – Thrifted

Show #3: Grace and Frankie

For my last character look, I dressed like I was hanging out with Frankie Bergstein played by the icon, Lilly Tomlin, in Grace and Frankie. She is a hippie goddess; here’s some of her looks.

Frankie piles on the layers and jewelry, so I wore floral yoga pants, an oversized tee with ruffles and a long vest with tie dye detailing. As if that wasn’t enough, I added earrings, a necklace and fake Birkenstocks. Frankie is who I will inevitably be when I grow up. I wouldn’t mind living at that beach house either. Just give me some sage and call it a day.

Details: Tee – Thrifted | Yoga pants – Thrifted | Vest – Gifted | Sandals – Target | Necklace – Target | Earrings – Thrifted

So, how did I do? There are a lot of creators who are going into full cosplay mode, but not only did I not have those items in my closet, I also wanted to dress like characters that inspire me on a day-to-day basis. Nonetheless, I had fun being in a different world for awhile and wearing things I wouldn’t normally put together.

If I were to do it again, I would probably do Gilmore Girls, Bones, Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey. Let me know if you want me to take a whack at those looks.