Okay, so clearly, I didn’t keep blogging after I said I would in my last post and I’m trying to not give myself a hard time about misrepresenting my intentions to you, my beloved audience. The truth is, I kept feeling all of the feelings that I wrote about in my explanation, but they were amplified and combined with a genuine lack of motivation and a heavy-handed sprinkle of depression. I was also really fuckin’ busy at work from October to December. All things considered, I still want to be here. But, I want to be here for what I deem to be the right reasons. That starts with writing simply because I want to and for no one else, but myself.

I hope you are still here and are doing okay. I appreciate you and this space. Go easy on me as I try my hardest to jump back into this creative hobby that I broke up with and now want to get back together with as a grown -up, less broken me.

Please, please read my last post for more context and please know that I am okay, I just needed a longer break than I thought I did.