If you have been a thicker lady for any span of time, you probably know about Lane Bryant. They were the OG. The original gangster of plus size fashion. They were our only option for a long time. Now, they are still around, but they have tons of competition.

Here’s what I think of when I think of Lane Bryant: a more mature style at an expensive price point and decent quality.

I’ve thrifted some Lane Bryant pieces over the years, but haven’t really ever shopped there, so when I drove past one in Sterling, VA, I wanted to go in and see what they had.

Before I start, I wanted to say that Lane Bryant carries size 10-40.

Item #1: Signature Fit Boyfriend Midi Short – Light Wash With Patch Pockets, Size 24

I wanted to try on some shorts for y’all because I may hate denim shorts, but you guys might love them. First things first, I size up in all shorts. I don’t know why, but I do. This pair and the next pair are no exception to that rule.

These shorts fit me well. I liked the rise, the style and the length. They seemed to be a good quality denim, but were stretchy, which is exactly what I like. I didn’t buy these frankly because they were expensive at around $60 and I’d rather use my money for something I like a little bit more.

Light wash denim shorts look amazing with summer pastels and white!

Item #2: Signature Fit Denim Boyfriend Midi Short – Medium Wash, Size 24

Now these shorts on the other hand shocked me! Like I said, I’m not a denim shorts girl. I think they are uncomfortable. But, these cut-off style shorts that are a shoutout to vintage denim shorts are right up my street.

They hit at a good length on my leg, so I wouldn’t be fiddling with them the whole time I was wearing them and I won’t lie, they made me really happy. I usually can’t fit into a Levi’s cut-off denim short. These made me feel like I was participating in the trend, even though these are definitely not vintage. I think I am going to order these. Do you think I should?

I think I would rock these with solid tees and tanks for very simple, but cool looks.

Item #3: Embroidered Mesh Babydoll Top, Tropical Yellow, Size 22/24

I grabbed this top to try on because I love lace and I am trying to add more color to my wardrobe, so I was attracted to this bright yellow.

To put it plainly, I was unimpressed. It felt too long and sort of matronly. I liked the bell sleeves, the quality and the texture of the fabric, which seemed not itchy. Some editing when this one was on the drawing board would have made it a more successful piece in my opinion.

Item #4: Button-Down Tie-Hem Blouse, Yellow Stripe, Size 24

These sorts of tops have been trending for the last couple of summers and I can never find ones that fit me right. This one fit fine, but the detailing was off.

The print was awesome. The fabric was super soft and I liked where the tie hit me on my stomach. The collar was just too stiff for my liking. It looked like it was trying to be more formal and masculine than it was.

The search for a short sleeve button-down continues. I’m sad to see this one fail because imagine this with the above denim shorts! Come on, that’s cute.

Item #5: Seamless V-Neck Bralette With Strappy Back, Tie Dye Hedge Green, Size 24

I wanted to try on something from Lane Bryant’s lingerie collection, Cacique, so I grabbed this fun tie dye bralette!

The bra was good quality and cute, but seemed a little snug for a size 24. The back detailing was really cool and the coverage and support was what was to be expected from a bralette. I would try some more of this collection on, but please don’t ask me how to pronounce Cacique.

Item #6: Printed Open-Front Mesh Overpiece, Brushstroke Rose, Size 22/24

I live for a kimono or a throw-on piece that makes a simple outfit look amazing. This piece was in a pattern that I don’t have anything like and looked professional enough for it to be appropriate in an office environment.

I dug the print and the fit. The sleeve length was a little bit awkward, but the slight ballooning at the sleeve was cute. I would have preferred a three-quarter length sleeve for this particular piece.

The fabric was thin and airy and I would have loved to throw this over a white dress or a bathing suit.

Item #7: Utility Jacket, Night Sky, Size 24

Utility jackets are staples in my closet and I don’t have a navy one, so I grabbed this one to try on even though it is not necessarily the right season for it.

I am so glad that I did try this piece on because I ended up really liking it! The fit was perfect and the length was exceptional. It covered my booty and had deep pockets. I would definitely buy this piece if we were about to enter fall.

Jackets like this go well with more utilitarian styles or athleisure looks. I wear them often because they are light weight.

I didn’t buy anything during this trip, folks, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to! I would have bought the second pair of shorts and the utility jacket if I was ready to spend some money that day. The other pieces left something to be desired or just ended up not being worth the price tag for me.

My initial assumptions were correct; Lane Bryant has more mature styles, is expensive and has good quality stuff.

Let me know if you think I need to order those shorts and if you shop at Lane Bryant. I am also always taking suggestions on where I should go shopping next.