We are all feeling kind of stuck right now. Whether you are at home or an essential worker, it feels like things will never go back to normal. I like to think and hope that things will go back to normal. But, for now, we have to just do our best to get by with our health (mental and physical) in tact. And one thing that always helps me feel better is humor. So, here are some of my thoughts on the last 42 days of self-isolation…some funny, some depressing, some unnecessary.

These are thoughts, ideas and mental notes that have to come to me in my time of quarantine. These reflections are in no particular order. Hopefully you are entertained and can relate.

  1. First things first, I am extremely grateful for my health and my job! I am also blessed to have not lost anyone during this pandemic.
  2. Essential workers are heroes. Plain and simple. I think it is a good time to reflect on who is “in the trenches” right now and who is safe in their homes. I will be eternally grateful to the people are busting ass to take care of everybody else during this time.
  3. Essential workers are humans too. The employees at my local groceries stores look like they have not engaged in human interaction in months. Talk to them. They want to talk to you too. (Shout out to the boy with the tie-dye Vans at the Martin’s on Route 7 in Winchester and the girl who said she needed to go cry in a corner at the Target at Rutherford Crossing in Stephenson. I see you.)
  4. On a work-related note, I have no problem working from home. I feel less distracted than when I am in the office.
  5. However, I miss my co-workers, especially a certain friend who should be working on his chicken coop right now and a certain ray of sunshine in the athletics department.
  6. As my hero boss lady reminded me yesterday, I am feeling fatigued because my work hours don’t have a set time frame or at least it feels like that. My work area is the same place I watch tv and my only co-worker is my husband, who I have been annoying nonstop. Needless to say, he don’t want to talk to me. This is a gentle reminder to myself to have a designated work space and to turn my work mind off at 5 p.m. everyday.
  7. Working collaboratively is essential to my success and contentment. I don’t like working by myself all the time.
  8. You don’t need to cut your hair.
  9. Gas prices are low as shit, but you know I ain’t going nowhere.
  10. I miss eating out at restaurants, even when my friend, Jayden, takes my food so he can take an Instagram photo.
  11. All food tastes better when my mom makes it.
  12. I miss my brother.
  13. I miss my friends more than usual. The government told me I couldn’t go see them and that seems like something the government would say to a bunch of women. (Lol. Jk. I’m not protesting quarantine. Calm down.)
  14. Spring allergies suck, but they particularly suck when you are in a global pandemic and you exhibit signs of a virus when you really are just allergic to tree pollen.
  15. My dogs are beautiful and I am glad to have them, but, damn, y’all sleep all day and then expect me to entertain you when you wake up. Absolutely not.
  16. Music sounds better in your car.
  17. My family, and other families, are creating so much trash during this time, BUT, we are also not polluting the air and waterways as much. Can we continue to make that happen after all this over?
  18. I am not a D.I.Y. kind of lady. But, I like a coloring book.
  19. Baking and cooking are cathartic.
  20. Working out is hard, even when your trainer is your cutie husband. (Spoiler alert: He doesn’t take it easy on me.)
  21. I am SO glad I got married when I did. I feel for all the brides right now.
  22. I want to travel so freakin’ bad, as I’m sure everyone does. Logan and I were supposed to go to Canada at the end of May, but can’t because the Canadian borders are closed to the U.S. until further notice, among many other reasons. A cancelled vacation is the actual worst.
  23. A message to graduating seniors of high school and college: Just because your ceremonies got cancelled doesn’t mean your experience or your achievements mean anything less. I am so proud of you!
  24. I want to pop tags at the thrift! Dammit. I want that black mark on my hand from holding on to too many dirty hangers at once. If you know, you know.
  25. On the same note, I just want to wander around Target aimlessly without my glasses getting fogged up from my mask or without feeling like I need to leave the store as quickly as possible.
  26. I have never missed the movie theater more. I can think of a certain friend who probably is missing her Alamo Drafthouse as well. Movies released early for download for double the price don’t hit the same.
  27. I don’t have a yard or garden and I wouldn’t be tending to it right now even if I did because that’s just who I am.
  28. I miss the library. Like I have a lot of books, but she just makes it so simple. Tell me y’all have library cards, please.
  29. People show their true colors in a crisis. Don’t forget about how people close to you (or people in politics) act during this time.
  30. Naps are good.
  31. Reading books is fun.
  32. They didn’t tell me this, but I think my non-loungewear clothes miss me.
  33. Bless teachers instructing from home. Bless parents trying to keep their children entertained and alive. I am so glad to not have children right now.
  34. I am thriving in posting blog posts. You all are so supportive and I love you for it. I have been given the opportunity to come up with new interesting content and have been challenged to stay motivated enough to keep up with my posting schedule.
  35. My husband, Logan, is very patient with me most of the time and I am, as always, grateful for all he does for me. And the boy is graduating in May with his FIRST Bachelor’s degree! What a babe.
  36. These are the funniest memes I have ever seen and I hope they are all I remember from this time.

Thanks for reading! ✌🏻