In 2019, I spent more time than ever looking at professional images, whether they were from fashion bloggers, celebrities (in their promo content or on their social media) or just random images on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Why? Because I was taking notes. I want to learn how to create better content and I am always seeking inspiration for my content and for life.

So, here goes. I’ll give a short explanation of why I dig the photo (or collection of photos) under each of them.

Let me know who is inspiring you and send me pretty pictures, please!

Callie Thorpe inspires me personally and professionally. Her and her husband, Dan, are marriage goals and she continues to break boundaries with fashion and travel. I love these three photos because she looks so stunningly beautiful, stylish and happy. She creates high fashion, professional content as a plus size woman and is the ultimate inspo. (Photos from Callie’s Instagram)

Ashley Graham is a goddess with the most booming laugh on a regular day, but pregnant, she is owning her body even more and making the thought of being pregnant even more appealing. The gift of life, people. (Photos from Vogue and Ashley’s Instagram)

Michelle Obama is awe-inspiring because she’s a babe on the inside and outside. What’s really cool about her is that she never held office, but has made such a difference in the world and continues to everyday. I love these photos because she is loved and respected by the likes of everyone, including Alicia Keys, but also is cherished by her family. You can see that in these photos. (The photo on the right is from her Instagram and the other is Michelle at the Grammy’s from this random site.)

Lindsay Rein is my real-life friend who has dove into a life of healing others and herself through writing, which is what brought us together in the first place. She looks all kinds of free and at peace in these photos and who doesn’t strive for that? She gives off love in every post. (You should follow her on Instagram, where these photos can be found, and join her writing circles and like photos of her family and her pup, Bill.)

Orange has been a color that has been speaking to me this year. I don’t know that I have ever worn orange as much as I did this year and I was constantly drawn to orange images. These images feel warm and peaceful and I think nature is a badass for making the world this bright. (The photo from the right is from Country Living Magazine and the one on the left was taken at the Watauga Farmers’ Market in Boone, NC.)

We went to New Zealand in the end of 2018, but I haven’t stopped thinking about our time in that breathtaking country. I am constantly inspired by how the people take care of each other and their environment and I strive for the peace we experienced there everyday. These are just reminders of the important things in life and a constant reminder to save my money so I go back to New Zealand. (All photos taken by me and Logan.)

I hope you got inspiration or joy from these images and I am looking forward to creating and taking in more awesome images in 2020.

Look out for my favorite songs of 2019 tomorrow, December 30!