In the fall of 2020, Vogue started a series on their YouTube channel called 7 Days, 7 Looks. This series of now 13 videos shows what celebrities wear in their daily lives; the hosts explain their choices and the pieces that they are wearing, which gives viewers a glimpse into the personal style of people like Emma Chamberlain, Ashley Graham and others.

I personally love this series and watch every episode as they come out. I also enjoy watching my favorite fashion commentary channel, Haute Le Mode, review these videos and roast the fashion choices of the world’s elite. Some of my favorites are the videos that featured the Haim sisters, Paloma Elsesser and Anne Nakamura, for Vogue Japan.

And because I love this idea so much, I decided to recreate 7 Days, 7 Looks right here on my blog, so without further ado, here is every outfit I would wear in a week.

Monday – Dog Mom Duty

As the mommy of two rambunctious and needy hound dogs, which are featured in many a photo of mine, I spend a lot of time taking care of them. Sometimes that care comes at home and sometimes that means I have to take them to the vet’s office or take them for their billionith walk of the day. For this very rewarding work, I need to be comfortable and be able to move with them.

This is what I would typically wear if I was just lounging around my house: a sweatshirt and leggings. And because it is winter, socks and slippers. In the summer time, this may look like bike shorts and an oversized t-shirt. When I’m chilling with my pups, we are keeping it simple.

Outfit Details: Sweatshirt – Aerie | Leggings – Wal-Mart | Slippers – Thrifted

Tuesday – Date Night

Going out on a date with my husband is a great excuse to get dressed up and to wear things that make me feel flirty, sexy and playful.

A jumpsuit is a great piece to subsitute in for a dress because it feels just as glamorous. This jumpsuit is low, so I added a strappy bralette underneath in pink to be a little scandalous, but still cohesive and because this jumpsuit is long and because a date is a fancier event, I paired this look with white booties.

Feeling confident and sexy is all about wearing what you feel best in and for me, that’s a jumpsuit.

Outfit Details: Jumpsuit – Eloquii, Thrifted | Bralette and Booties – Target

Wednesday – Shopping Trip

If I know I am going to be going shopping at some point during the day, I consider a few things before I decide what I am going to wear. I make sure I can get dressed and undressed easily, I make sure my hands are free to search and I make sure that I won’t get too hot or too cold running in out or around stores.

I tend to wear my favorite jeans when I go shopping because if I try on a top I can easily imagine what it would look like in my day-to-day life. Any loose top that can easily be removed is a good choice and slip-on shoes make trying on shoes super simple.

Outfit Details: Sweater – Thrifted | Jeans – Target | Clogs – Ross

Thursday – Workin’ 9 to 5

I typically work in an office environment where the dress code is business casual. That means I want to look and feel professional, but also feel like myself. My workwear demands attention, but also shows my creative style.

Wearing a comfortable dress into the office is a go-to choice for me because I am comfortable sitting all day and because wearing one item makes me have to make less decisions in the morning. I paired this burnt orange dress with other neutral and brown accessories for a very fall look.

Outfit Details: Jacket, Dress and Boots – Thrifted, Wal-Mart, Lane Bryant and Target | Earrings – Gifted

Friday – Dinner & A Movie at Home

My favorite night of the week is when I make a fantastic meal and sit down to watch it on the couch with my baby dogs and my man. This is all about maximum comfortability.

Even if you are wearing sweatpants, a matching set can make you feel more put together and like you put in some effort. I feel less sloppy and more intentional in my lounging when I wear a look like this. Try it next time you want to still be cute, but want to be in your pajamas.

Outfit Details: Set – Kohl’s | Slippers – Thrifted

Saturday – Grocery Run

Unlike many people, I love grocery shopping and when I do so I don’t mind putting in a little bit of effort into what I am wearing. Similiarly to my Wednesday look, I need to be temperature regulated because I’ll be moving around a lot and lugging groceries in and out of my car. This is a great time for an athleisure moment.

Joggers, a long sleeve tee and sneakers are an easy look to put together that always manages to look cool for me. You can try this outfit out in many different colors and textures.

Outfit Details: Top – Target | Pants – Thrifted, Target | Sneakers – Adidas, Poshmark

Sunday – Day Trippin’

If Logan and I get to go on an adventure, I love to dress in a cute way that also allows me to be comfortable walking a lot and riding in the car a lot. That probably means sneakers and that probably means pants.

I can do anything in this look, but I also feel confident that I will look and feel cute in any photos that are taken during this adventure. Hot tip: If you want to wear athleisure and want to bring some of your personality into the look, choose colors and patterns that you like so you stand out and feel like yourself, while you are also comfy.

Outfit Details: Hat and Sweatpants – Target | Top – Girlfriend Collective | Sneakers – Adidas, Poshmark

I hope you enjoyed my take on the 7 Days, 7 Looks challenge and liked gaining insight into what I actually wear everyday and maybe what doesn’t make it to the ‘gram.