If you’ve been following me here or on my social media, you know that I have been on a bit of a shopping hiatus because I am currently unemployed. That means that I haven’t been shopping (first or secondhand) since July. Yeah, I know. I’m struggling.

But, I am so excited to say that I received some new items for Christmas from my parents and I could not be more juiced about these new pieces in my wardrobe.

In this post, I’m going to talk you through why I chose or asked for the piece and let you know what my plans are for them.

First up, my mom got me something from Kohl’s and I exchanged that item for some new sleep pants because why the heck not? Who doesn’t love a pair of comfy sleep pants? I chose a pair of black joggers (pictured below) because after I touched them in the store, I immediately wanted them on my body. They are mega soft and slouchy. And yes, I did wear them out into the world because, well, I wanted to and because they aren’t see-through.

My intention is to wear these pants until they fall off my body, thanks for asking. No seriously, I will mostly be wearing them as lounge and sleep wear, but I’m not afraid to rock them for an athleisure look. I like the jogger style ankle more than a straight cut because it gives off more of a sporty vibe and shows off your socks and shoes.

For the most comfortable, cozy look, I paired those pants with an oversized white sweater that I asked for and received for Christmas. I wanted it big and oversized so that I could wear it with leggings and as a dress. Mission accomplished.

Next up, I had the thrift score of the century at 81 Outfitters in Winchester, VA. I bought/got three coats. Two of those jackets were from the recent designer collections at Target and the other was a camel coat that I have been in the market for for a whole ass year or more. Needless to say, I am very pleased with these finds and I can’t wait to wear them with everything during my first New England winter.

The black coat is super heavy and sturdy, but very classic and chique. I also am obsessed with the shape of this navy coat and it’s nautical vibe. While the black coat can go with just about anything, I plan on pairing the navy coat with gray, white, black and other shades of blue.

I really like the combination of tan/camel with red, so I was excited to test out that theory with my new camel coat and another item that I thrifted around the holidays, a red sweater tank top.

I’m going to continue experimenting with the ever-trendy sweater vest/tank top by layering it with long and short sleeve tops underneath. I’ve already decided that they look best on me at a shorter length and with a tighter fitting bottom.

Next, I got three pairs of earrings, two from my parents and one that I picked up from a local artist that had her work on display at a coffee shop. I chose to buy these earrings mostly because I think that the whole trend of minimalist and surreal faces on jewelry is elegant and classy. It worked out perfectly that these earrings had a red bead on them, so I paired them with my new red tank. I will probably wear these constantly.

I love that my mom chose earrings that featured two symbols that I love, a camera and a cactus. The green and brown color of these earrings makes them easily wearable and pairable for me. I dig creating polished, monochrome looks with goofy or quirky accessories, so that’s what I’m going to do with these jewels.

Lastly, even though I am not going into an office right now, I thrifted two pieces that I am very happy to welcome into my professional wardrobe, a purple polka dotted button-up and some light gray heels with strappy detailing. The top is oversized, but not too baggy and is in one of my favorite colors! And although I’m not a heels person, these are surprisingly comfortable and look so damn good.

My first thought with styling these two pieces was to do a monochrome lilac/lavendar look with some pants that I got last year from Kohl’s and it came out better than I expected. I would definitely wear this look to an interview.

As you can probably tell, I am so excited that I got to do some thrifting and I am so grateful for the pieces that I was given and that I found. I hope you all got and gave some good stuff during this holiday season. Be looking out for these pieces on my Instagram and here on my blog.

Update on March 4, 2022:

To my dismay, the lounge pants from Kohls have pilled so badly after only a few wears and washes that I am not wearing them anymore. What a disappointment.