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Styling My Husband & Our Friend At Target

Have you ever had the desire to dress your partner or your friend? I have. All the time.

Not that my husband and my friend are not stylish individuals. I just think I could make them look fly in different styles of clothing. I always want to see what they look like in items of clothing that they never wear.

The stylist in me enjoys making people look and feel good with their fashion choices. Why not let me decide what you are going to wear, instead of staring into the abyss of your closet searching for the right fit?

Over dinner at one of our favorite spots, Mr. Noodles & Rice, I convinced my husband, Logan, and our friend, Jayden, to let me style them. Here were the rules.

  1. We are going to Target. Obvi.
  2. I am going to put each of them in three different outfits of my choosing.
  3. Initially, I was going to put them in two outfits that I thought they would like and one I thought they would never choose. Instead, I sprinkled wild card items throughout the three outfits.
  4. If they participated, I would buy them each up to $30 worth of clothes or accessories.

Let’s talk style and lifestyle first.

Logan is a student, an athlete and has an internship where he trains other athletes. He needs to be comfortable and able to move around. He wears athletic clothes most of the time, but also likes a good flannel. If the jeans don’t have stretch, he ain’t wearing them.

Jayden is what I call, a web guy. He sits behind a computer screen for most of the day, but is very active and likes to walk or bike to work. He has been called a hipster and ain’t afraid of a little acid wash. He always is wearing a hat.

Now, let’s get into the outfits. Oh, and since my models were at times, uncooperative, I will include links and images of the particular items in case you can’t see the details in the photos.


Outfit #1 – Gray and white baseball long sleeve tee, dark wash denim, a black bomber jacket with white detailing and his shoes he wore in the store.

I put Logan in this simple tee, jean and jacket combo because I knew this would be something he would be comfortable with elevated style moments. I don’t remember ever seeing him in a two-toned baseball tee, but he said he liked it. The jeans were too long, but he said they were comfortable and he didn’t mind the length. Lastly, the bomber jacket was a wildcard item. At first, he was hesitant of how he would like it. But, he ended up saying, “it grew on him.”

Outfit #2 – Bob Marley graphic tee, army green jogger sweatpants, a light wash denim jacket and Birkenstock sandals.

First off, I would wear this whole look and probably have before, so that was my motivation. He could have chosen the tee and joggers for himself, but I added two wildcards to this look, the jacket and the Birkenstocks. He thought the Birkenstocks were comfortable and was now more understanding of why I swear by them. He wasn’t sure about the denim jacket and he and Jayden thought it was too short. I was, however, proud of him for embracing the army green joggers.

Spoiler alert: He ended up asking me to buy the sweatpants as his participation prize.

Outfit #3 – Blue and white striped sweater, khaki shorts and brown high top boots.

I was going for a mountain man goes to a family function vibe and I think it didn’t come across how I wanted it to. He liked the sweater and the shorts separately, but not together, which I agree with. And he liked the boots, which were a wildcard item. I think if he were to buy those boots, I would have suggested that he wear tighter fitting dark wash jeans sloppy tucked into them.

Logan’s favorite look was Outfit #1 and mine was Outfit #2. I am happy, however, that he went out of his comfort zone with the bomber jacket.


Outfit #1 – Short-sleeved blue polka dotted button-up, gray joggers, slip-on boat shoes and the hat he walked in wearing.

I chose this shirt for Jayden because that is his vibe and I knew he would like it. I think blue is a good color on him and I think men should wear polka dots more often. He said he had never worn joggers before, so I was definitely going to make him try them as his first wildcard item. He dug them. The shoes, a wildcard as well, made him look more granddad, then I wanted them to and he struggled to get them on.

Outfit #2 – Gray bomber jacket, blue floral tee, navy jogger sweatpants and his shoes and hat.

Clearly feeling himself or channeling an Instagram baddie, Jayden was feeling down with the jogger lifestyle. We have a convert, ladies and gents. I had never seen him in a floral/tropical print, so that’s why I put him in the tee. It ended up being a layering piece that he just didn’t mind. Lastly, I put him in a canvas bomber, whereas Logan’s was a slick fabric. We all agreed that he would pick that bomber out for himself.

He chose the sweatpants as his participation prize, but in the same army green as Logan’s.

Outfit #3 – Sky blue long-sleeve tee with pocket detailing, khaki pants and high-top boots.

This was a look that Jayden could easily pull off, but I felt like the sky blue tee was a color he wouldn’t necessarily buy for himself. The khakis went well with the top and he felt like it was a fairly normal look for him. The boots were quickly pushed aside because the strings that attached the boots together were giving us issues.

Jayden’s favorite look was Outfit #1 and my favorite look was Outfit #3. Those boots are cooler than cool, in my opinion.

They have both reportedly been wearing their sweatpants nonstop and Jayden thought I could have made him wear crazier, more out of the box items. Challenge accepted.

So, how did I do? Leave a comment telling me which look was your favorite.

And tell me who I should dress next!


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    This is amazing!!

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    Dress Clint!!!!

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