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Recreating Winter Pinterest Looks

I remember the day I logged into Pinterest for the first time. I was a freshman in college and I was thrilled at the idea of making cookie monster cupcakes.

Fast forward nine years and I still am excited about the prospect of making cookie monster cupcakes, but I am also pumped that me writing this blog post means that I have been using Pinterest to my advantage. No, I’m not talking about baking, cooking or DIY projects, which I have done. I’m talking about fashion.

My fashion board, Fierce, has over 1,200 pins on it. But, what do I do with all those pins you ask? Do I fall into the meme-like state where I pin a bunch of stuff, but don’t let those pins seep into my day-to-day? Nope!

For five days, I wore outfits inspired by fashion pins. I found an outfit I liked and that I would be able to replicate from the pieces in my closet and then I wore it all damn day…even if I ended up not liking the outfit.

The goals for this exercise were to take outfit inspiration from Pinterest and to wear things in my closet in different ways. Hopefully this will encourage you to do the same.

Remember, wearing and rewearing items in your closet means you aren’t buying something new, which creates less waste and leaves your bank account looking plump.

Also, this wasn’t my idea. A bunch of other bloggers and vloggers have done this challenge before me.

For Day 1, I came across this pin from Truncation Blog by @karin.rambo.

I knew I wanted to start the challenge off with this look because I could wear four of my favorite items of clothing that I have never worn together. This outfit includes my thrifted Bill Bass denim jacket and thrifted Carlos Santana booties, as well as this SUPER soft A New Day striped tee and Ava & Viv cropped pants.

It was a great start and a real winner for sure.

For Day 2, I wanted to try to come up with a look that mimicked this all cream casual number from

As you can see, I didn’t have the pieces to completely match this pin and I couldn’t wear my Old Skool Vans to work. So, I improvised and went all gray. Sorry, mom.

I layered up with a white long sleeve, an Ava & Viv wrap sweater, gray and white patterned pants and black clogs and I loved this look! I thought it would be too much gray, but I think it worked. Next time, I’ll wear the Vans and maybe when it is warmer I can try an all cream look with other pieces in my closet.

For Day 3, I went out of my comfort zone and didn’t have the best time. But alas, I came up with something. I found this sunny pin from Prism Boutique and styled a look up with it in mind.

I went out of my comfort zone with the colors and the items that I chose from my closet. Let me talk about the good parts first. I love these short booties (I couldn’t wear sandals in the winter, obvi.) that I got from Goodwill for $5 and these burnt orange pants that I got from the Quirky Closet. Then to mimic the orange and yellow striped sweater in the pin, I grabbed two items from my closet that I never wear. Now I know why. From Ava & Viv and A New Day, the tee and the cardigan just didn’t fit me the way I wanted them to. However, I think they give a nice ode to the pin and they made me realize that they need to be re-homed.

I think I did pretty good with this one, except I need red shoes! Don’t worry, I’m on the hunt. I wore my thrifted moccasins and linen pants with an Ava & Viv striped tee, Torrid Harry Potter trench coat and floral headband. I forgot how cool this trench coat is. I’m going to repeat this outfit more times than I should.

And lastly, for Day 5, I sought outfit guidance from this look from

All I had to go off was a slightly cropped sweater and a white tee. I couldn’t wear jeans to work sadly. So, I went for this Wild Fable cardigan, a white tee, my thrifted booties again and plum pants from Ava & Viv. I think the proportions were off slightly, but I was comfortable and made it work.

If you decide to try to recreate a pin from Pinterest, please let me know! There’s no shame in needing some inspiration from Pinterest when your brain can’t seem to put something together.

Be on the look-out for more posts like this in the spring and summer.

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