Another year has gone by and unsurprisingly, I did wear clothes every single day of 2021 and I really dug some of the outfits that I put together and then subsequently wore a million more times.

Walk with me down the memory lane of the last 12 months and I’ll talk to you about the looks that I loved the most and why.


I love athleisure, always have, and this year was no different. Here are some of my favorite looks that were sporty, tomboy chique.

First up, we have a look that I wore when my husband and I went to Staunton, Virginia for a weekend getaway in honor of his birthday. I’ll be honest, when I first put this outfit together I did not know if I was going to like it or if it was even going to work. But, I ended up really enjoying the fairly neutral base layer with simple accessories, like my denim jacket, white sneakers and square sunglasses. It was perfect for exploring all day!

Then, we have a recent look, which I called sk8r grl, I think. This was me living out my fantasy of being a skateboarder. I loved the simplicity and boyishness of the outfit with the added touches of color.

And lastly, we have a mostly black look, which you would think wouldn’t be any fun. But, I felt like a real badass. Let’s face it, an all black outfit gives attitude.

My Favorite Jeans

I have a favorite pair of jeans at the moment, which is rare for me to say because I am not a jeans lover. Nonetheless, I wore them a lot and I will continue to do so. Here are some fun looks in my light wash, mom jeans.

When I wore the green look, I was feeling myself! I love green, so why not put green on more green? I was also feeling kind of sad the day that I wore that outfit and it really turned my whole mood around. And my go-to sunglasses didn’t hurt the situation. I will continue having a moment with this oversized, short-sleeved button-up next summer too, don’t you worry.

Next, I wore this red top with earrings shaped like cherry pies. I felt really playful and cute, while also kind of sassy. I don’t typically wear a lot of red, so I had to think about what shoes to wear with this look. It turns out that red and tan look awesome together.

And for the last look in this section, I wanted to give a shout out to the most basic look that I wore for a Target run that turned out to be pretty damn cool. I am literally wearing the most plain outfit, but with a print and some accessories, I look like I actually tried! This just goes to show that confidence is the key to creating a bomb look and just about anything can make you look put together.


I participated in outfit challenges and was inspired to play around with my clothes this year and some of my creations came out pretty darn good. Here’s a few.

For the first outfit, I wore two pieces that I was really being called to, the tank top and the pants. I didn’t think that the pieces would all look good together at first, but it turned out that the end result was a moody, classy and romantic get up. I will definitely be wearing this outfit again very soon.

Next, I was channeling my idol, Freddie Mercury. I layered a white dress over cream pants to emmulate Freddie’s iconic angel outfit. I can’t believe this look actually worked. I’m not sure when I would feel the need to wear this look again, but I look back at the moment in awe of my own audacity.

Lastly, I wore this pink and yellow lemonade dream for my anniversary lunch with my husband. I think this look represents my desire to experiment with color more in the future and it continues to inspire me to do so.

I hope you wore a lot of cool shit this year and felt good as hell doing it! I can’t wait to see what we wear in 2022.