Today, my friends, I tackled the shacket. That’s right, it’s a shirt and a jacket hybrid and it is very trendy this season. I’m sure you can find these just about anywhere, but definitely check the thrift stores for shackets, particularly the men’s section.

My lovely momma bought me this shacket from Old Navy for my upcoming birthday, but it had been on my wishlist for awhile. Shackets are super versatile and give off a cool, hipster vibe. I chose this one in “gray plaid” because I thought it would go with a lot of things and could be made more professional with the right outfit underneath.

I got this piece in a 3X so that I could comfortably wear sweaters under it as it gets colder. The fabric on the inside is kind of rough, but it didn’t bother me enough not to get it. It comes in sizes XXS to 4X.

This particular shacket is selling like hot cakes, so jump on it if you like it. There are two other patterns/colors as well!

Also, this is your official warning to not play a drinking game where you drink whenever I say “shacket.” That would not end well.

Outfit #1: Gray + Brown

For my first outfit rockin’ my new shacket, I have to go with the outfit that I wore to go buy said shacket.

On that particular day, I was inspired by something my husband said and wore gray and brown together, which is a combination that I do not typically think of. When I tried on the different color shackets, I realized that my outfit looked good with all three options, but especially with the “gray plaid” version, which I ended up taking home with me.

Pairing the shacket with a gray or a brown outfit would have been easy choices for me, but together, they make for something really tonal, cool and unexpected. I added in white boat shoes to bring the colors in the jacket all the way through the look and called it a day!

I would stray away from pairing this shacket with black items because it feels heavy to me and I am aiming to feel effortless and free-flowing these days.

Details: Top – American Eagle | Pants – Thrifted, Target | Shoes – Thrifted, Sanuk

Outfit #2: Jeans + Purple

Another easy choice is to pair this shacket with jeans. I’m really into light wash, mom jeans right now, but any shade of denim in any style would look good with this shacket.

I paired my jeans with a purple t-shirt, a gold necklace and my clogs because, let’s be honest, this is an everyday type of look for me and I will 100% be wearing this whole ensemble when it gets colder.

I chose a purple t-shirt because the larger gray squares in the shacket seem to have a purple undertone and I think they go good together.

Details: T-shirt – Universal Standard | Jeans – Target | Clogs – Ross | Necklace – Tin Top Art & Handmade

Outfit #3: Gray + Purple

As I have mentioned so many times, in order to make an outfit that features a print look cohesive, match the pieces in your outfit to the colors in the pattern. I did that here with gray and purple. My goal here was to create a look that I could comfortably wear in an office setting.

I am also very proud of myself for styling these otherwise very spring-colored pants in a winter appropriate way. Pastels are for all year round, baby.

White booties kept the look light and fresh and the sunglasses added even more coolness. But, the shacket is the focal point, which is exactly what I wanted.

Details: Sunglasses – Thrifted | Sweater – Target | Pants – Kohl’s | Booties – Target

Outfit #4: Purple + Green

And for the last outfit, I went for purple again, but paired with green, which is my favorite color to pair with purple. My childhood bedroom was purple and green, so I feel like this look is just who I am.

Once again, I went for pastels and chose a lavendar blouse, green pants and brown booties. I added in purple dangle earrings for a feminine touch and I think created another work-appropriate, but stylish look.

Details: Top – American Eagle | Pants – Target | Booties – Thrifted | Earrings – Gifted

If this post hasn’t inspired you to both play with pastels for fall and winter AND to go out and buy a shacket, I don’t know what to tell you.

Let me know if you are rockin’ a shacket this fall and how you would style this piece.

Update on March 4, 2022:

I still love this shacket, but it is very rough on the inside. I only wear long sleeves underneath, which is a shame.