We all know how important a good pair of underwear is in a person’s life and if you are like me, you are on a quest to find the best pair of underwear money can buy. And, to make matters more difficult, the farther away from straight sizes or society’s idea of a perfect body shape you are the harder it is to find underwear that are comfortable and cute.

I have always been curious about the sustainable undergarment brand, Parade, but I wasn’t motivated to buy from them until I saw Katie Sturino mention on her Instagram that she loved their underwear as a plus size lady and, boy, I’m glad that I listened to her.

Some of my other favorite underwear are from Aerie and Auden and I’d like to try underwear from Lane Bryant and Adore Me.

Parade uses certified sustainable fabrics for their products and has a very good size range, offering sizes XS to 3XL. They also have a wide variety of body representation on their website, including folks of all sizes, gender identities and races. We love to see booties and boobies of all shapes, sizes and colors.

I wanted to try out as many of the underwear styles as I could, so I purchased a multicolor Color Wheel Pack in a 3XL, which is what the size chart said a size 20-22 is. The packaging is recycled, recyclable and/or 100% compostable. The box I received is designed for you to color it in with the colored pencils that were included with my order. The marketing is on point, Parade.

The cost for this pack is $58, which comes to about $9 per pair of underwear. This pack comes with six pairs of underwear, which includes the thong, cheeky, brief, high-rise brief and boyshort styles. My box included two pairs of the brief style. These were all from their Re:Play line, which include seams. If you are more into a seamless underwear, you will probably enjoy their Universal line.

You can buy all of these pairs of underwear individually, but you get a discount if you buy a pack or a bundle.

Next up, I’ll give you some of my thoughts on the styles and let you know which are my favorites. And, sorry to disappoint, but you don’t get to see my cheeks today.

All of the underwear that I received are buttery soft. Some of them feature mesh panels, which has a slightly different texture, but are still very soft. These have seams on them, like I said above, so choose wisely when you are wearing them under tight-fitting clothing.

The Thong in Scuba

I will be honest, I am not a thong person. I don’t think they are comfortable, but I don’t mind them every once in awhile. And I wanted to try Parade’s thong because I know a lot of people who love thongs.

These are pretty comfortable as far as thongs go, I must say. They fall mid-rise on me and the size 3XL fits me well. The band on the top does not roll down or dig in to me and the coverage on the front is decent. The mesh panel under the band adds some breathability and is cute.

I probably wouldn’t buy these again because this is not my preferred style, but they are excellent quality and the color Scuba was a nice shade of blue.

The Brief in Moonlight and The Brief in Balloon

These are probably my second favorite style of underwear that I received. A brief is just the most comfortable for me on a day-to-day basis and the 3XL was the best size for me.

They are mid-rise and almost full coverage on the back and like the thong, they have a mesh panel under the waistband. These would be mega comfy to sleep in and I think just about anyone, at any shape or size, would be happy to wear these.

I love the moonlight color way; it reminds of me ’90s swimwear and I enjoy that.

The Boyshort in Primary (Color no longer available)

Boyshorts are complicated for me. I can’t stand to wear them under my clothes, but I love to sleep or lounge in them.

These are the Crayola print of my dreams and these should be the standard for boyshorts. The legs don’t roll up and are very generous, which is usually a problem area for me in boyshorts. The side panels are mesh and flatter my shape nicely.

The 3XL were the perfect size and I would not have liked a smaller size because I wanted the extra room in the leg.

The Cheeky in Juice

These are very similar to the brief, but have less coverage on the butt and are mesh panel on the back and on the sides.

This color is bright and the name makes me smile. These tend to roll up and move around on my booty, so I would probably size down on these so that they were a little tighter fitting throughout.

The High Rise Brief in Limoncello

And now for my favorite, the high rise brief. These are the exact same as the brief in every way, but the rise. I prefer a high rise underwear for smoothing effect and no added lines at the widest part of my hips.

Similarly to the boyshorts, there are mesh panels on the sides that flatter and let some air flow through your undercarriage.

I will buy these again and I will eventually own every color. From one hourglass-shaped honey to another, these are the ones for us.

Friends, it’s not too good to be true. Parade underwear are some of the best I have ever tried on. Purchasing and wearing Parade underwear is even better because they are sustainably made! What could be better? I will be trying their bralettes in the future and I will definitely let you know if they are D-cup approved.

Let me know where your favorite underwear are from and maybe I will try them out next!

Update on September 21, 2021:

The underwear that I wash and wear most frequently are not holding up as long as I would have liked them to. The mesh is getting holes in it and itching my skin.

Not sure if I am washing them wrong or if they aren’t meant to last. Who knows, but I probably won’t repurchase these specific styles, although they are mega comfy and cute on their first couple of wears.

Update on March 4, 2022:

I, unfortunately, got rid of the Bayshore, high rise brief and cheeky pairs of Parade underwear because they either got holes in the mesh or, in the case of the cheeky, just really weren’t for me. The cheeky slips and slides on my butt and I never end up wearing them because they are so uncomfortable.

I regularly wear the briefs and they seem to be holding up nicely. I will probably order that particular style again.