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Recreating Winter to Spring Pinterest Looks (Part II)

I am a big fan of putting my Pinterest boards into practice, meaning I want the things that I pin to make their way into my real life, whether that is baking a cake, attempting a DIY, building my dream bathroom or creating an outfit. This recreation process isn’t anything new to the internet or to my blog; here’s where I have recreated Pinterest looks before for summer and for winter.

I see these posts as proof of a couple of things:

  • You can recreate any of the looks you see on Pinterest without buying the items featured in that image. The items in the image are probably expensive and buying more things means that there is more demand for production, which is harmful to the environment, and that there is a likelihood that something you already own will end up in the landfill.
  • You can recreate any of the looks you see on Pinterest no matter your body type or budget.
  • Recreating looks you have pinned is a good opportunity to style the items in your closet in new and interesting ways, which increases their longevity and the cost per wear of each item.

The following looks fit into a winter to spring transitional outfit category. There will also be a bonus look on my Instagram for you to check out. You can find it on the Reels tab, which is the second tab on any Instagram profile.

Pin #1: From @carolapojer in October 2019

I like this look because it’s simple, classy and features a cropped cardigan, which is one of my favorite trendy garments of the moment. Plus, black and white is a classic choice that will always look good.

My cropped sweater is not as beige as the original, but other than that I think I nailed this look. I also added sunglasses that are more my speed than a black mini bag. I dig beige on white or cream on white, in my case, paired with black, but denim could definitely work with this as well.

Outfit Details: White tee – ASOS | Cream cardigan – Wal-Mart | Black jeans – Target | Sunglasses – LOFT

Pin #2: From Pretty Little Fawn in May 2018

Another recent trend that I like is brown on brown and any mix of neutrals put together.

My first intention is never to go monochrome, like a did in this post, so I have never paired my corduroy jacket with my cropped brown pants. I managed to find a long sleeve with buttons down the front just like the girl in the photo was wearing in my own closet, which was a nice detail and a break up of the solid colors throughout the rest of the outfit. I really enjoyed the ’70s vibes of this outfit and felt pretty cool wearing it.

Outfit Details: Corduroy jacket – Wal-Mart | Pants – Target | White long sleeve – Thrifted

Pin #3: From Breath of Youth

When I was looking through my Pinterest for outfits to recreate, I saw this one and went “duh.” I knew I had the perfect blouse and cardigan to pull this look together.

The collar, that I am sure has a specific name, is featured in both our blouses and it just so happens that this cardigan I am wearing is so freaking itchy that I can’t wear it without a long sleeve top underneath it. A match made in heaven!

I felt like a cute librarian in this look and I ain’t even mad about it. I will definitely be wearing this one out into the world.

Outfit Details: Blouse – ASOS | Cardigan – Target | Jeans – Target

Pin #4: Photo taken by Alana Paterson (I think)

I was channeling the girl in the middle who seems to have on a bunch of layers for whatever work she is doing with her gal pals. I liked all of the layers and the potential to include many different colors in one look. She went for red and white and I went for blue and green, which is typical of my style.

This look made me feel like I was super connected to my rural Virginia roots and made me love my overalls even more.

I couldn’t find any information on this photo, but I am happy to be able to show you that you can be inspired by anything! Your fashion inspiration does not need to be fashion-related.

Outfit Details: Overalls – Thrifted | White long sleeve – LOFT | Cardigan – Target | Flannel – Thrifted | Hat – Thrifted

As with all of my recreation posts, I hope my recreations motivate you to take a close look at your Pinterest boards and start playing around with the stuff you already have in your closet.

Don’t forget to check out the last look that I recreated for you on my Instagram!


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