As you are probably well aware and can relate to, I did not leave my apartment very much this spring because I was practicing social distancing and quarantining in my home. But! Summer is looking up. I am leaving my apartment more, with masks and hand sanitizer in tow and I think the rest of the country is doing the same.

I will be honest, though, summer is my least favorite time to get dressed because it seems that no matter what I wear I am overheating. I can’t seem to take enough layers off. So, I looked to Pinterest yet again for inspiration on what to wear.

I recreated five summer outfits that I found on Pinterest, similarly to when I styled winter outfits from Pinterest. And all you denim lovers will be happy to know that three out of the five of these looks feature my favorite pair of wide leg jeans. But, don’t get it twisted, I have a love hate relationship with jeans, especially in the summer, and am working on my issues.

I think I was drawn to all these photos because they are effortless and cool with a slight vintage flair. Also, four out of the five looks feature sunglasses because it’s bright out and we need to protect our eyes. AND, because shades make everyone feel cool. Am I right?

Look 1 comes to us from jewelry company, The 2Bandits. The pin came from an older Tumblr or Reddit post from 2015, so the collection is no longer available.

This photo looked easy and bohemian and my photo turned out looking like I was channeling Freddie Mercury at Live Aid in 1985 and I’m here for that. And a white tee or tank with light wash jeans is always a vibe, but I wish I had all of the jewels that she has though.

GRLPWR tank top – Target | Jeans – Target | Sunglasses – Target | Necklace – Thrifted | Bracelet – Cottonwood Handmade | Belt – Thrifted

Look 2 is a photo from the blog Fashion and Style by Vanja Milicevic from April 2016.

I chose this outfit to recreate because I love wearing kimonos in the summer to protect my arms from the sun and to cover up my arms on days when I am not feeling very confident. Plus, kimonos are a bohemian style staple. This look is easy to achieve and very comfortable.

I think I would have preferred to have a kimono with darker colors, so that it stood out a little bit more against the gray t-shirt. Mine was also not as long as hers. Any solid color t-shirt and a colorful kimono makes for a nice summer look.

Jeans – Target | Gray t-shirt – ASOS | Kimono – Wal-Mart | Sunglasses – Wal-Mart | Bracelet – Handworks Gallery | Necklace – Thrifted | Brown purse – Thrifted

Look 3 is from Marsha Sedgwick’s blog, where she posted a variety of photos in this look.

This look is a little more elevated because of the pointed mules and silk-like kimono robe. This outfit just reiterated that I need to continue my search for the perfect white tank top. The one seen here is just a wife beater and I would have preferred a flowy white tank top.

With some editing, I could wear this to work or out to dinner.

Kimono – Target | Black pants – Thrifted | White tank – Target | Black mules – Target | Sunglasses – Target

Look 4 was featured as a street style outfit during a past Fashion Week on Imaxtree.

This was my favorite outfit because it was simple and oh, so cool. I threw on my favorite Queen band tee and jeans, alongside my brown heeled mules and was DONE. What is it about band tees that make you look and feel cooler than you are?

The shoes take this to another level. Like you will see me strut in this look. Sandals or sneakers would have worked for a more laid back look too.

Jeans – Target | Band tee – Hot Topic | Necklace – Thrifted | Heeled mules – Thrifted | Brown purse – Thrifted | Sunglasses – Target

And for the final outfit, look 5 came from Madewell, which is a brand that I like but don’t shop often because it is EXPENSIVE.

I recently picked up this top from Ross and I really like the multi-colored stripes and the fact that there are no buttons. The fit is better without the buttons, in my opinion.

I like the oversized feel and the cropped pants make it California cool. I could definitely wear this to work. Also, pro tip: if you thrift or buy a bathing suit cover-up, throw a tank under it and wear it as a normal top, like I did here.

Top – Ross | Cargo pants – Target | Glasses – Warby Parker | Tote bag – Lovely Earthlings | Shoes – Nomadic State of Mind

I hope this gave you some outfit inspiration or motivated you to go to Pinterest for your next look.

Tell me which one is your favorite and which one you plan on recreating yourself!