I don’t know about y’all, but I’m still practicing social distancing, quarantining in my apartment and working remotely, but I have not stopped shopping. I am lucky enough to still be employed, so I had some room in my budget and my day to online shop. Of course, I have been missing my thrift stores, but I have been online shopping with stores that I trust and buying items I know I will enjoy. (That’s not to say that I haven’t had to return things.)

There have been some serious hits in my online, quarantine shopping and that’s what I am here to talk to you about. I am also throwing in some beauty and hair products, as well as a mattress.

I got three notable items from Target in the last couple of months that I CANNOT wait to wear out in the world when quarantine is over.

I have been seeing dresses with ruffles on them all over the place this season and I couldn’t resist. I have other dresses with ruffles on them in my closet and I love them, so I knew I would have to find some more to add to my collection. Both of the dresses I picked up from Target have RUFFLES.

This first dress is mint green with orange and white flowers on it; I would call it a midi length and it has straps the thickness of a typical tank top. It also has pockets. Bless. I paired it with gold circular earrings from Handworks Gallery in Winchester, VA, brown sandals and a thrifted straw hat. If it was nighttime, I’d wear my thrifted denim jacket. This would have been what I would have worn to a festival this summer.

This dress is so comfy and I think this will be my go-to summer dress for 2020 if I can leave my apartment.

My intent for this second dress was for me to be able to wear it to summer work events, which I think could still work if they were going to happen. But, I decided to make it more casual and wear white sneakers with it. This dress has a high neckline and long sleeves with cinching at the wrist, but the fabric is light and airy. The hem is ruffled, but there is also ruffles below the waist. I accessorized with green earrings and a green head wrap.

Hopefully, I will have a reason to wear this dress this summer, but I think I could make it work in a more casual setting or in the fall with tights.

Lastly, from Target, I got a wildcard item. I follow quite a few women on Instagram who have and rock boiler suits (or union suits). Most of them were vintage, which, if you aren’t aware, vintage is harder to find if you are plus size, like me. So, a clearance rack Target version worked for me.

This boiler suit is very comfortable and pink! It’s flattering and fits me well, but I’m not sure where and when I am going to wear it. It was kind of warm, so she may have to wait for fall, but I felt like a female, greaser and was living my best life.

Next up was Wal-Mart. These turquoise, Croc-like, faux-Birkenstocks were a no brainer. They were so cheap and I will wear them all summer and will not have to worry about them getting wet and getting destroyed.

I also picked up these stripped linen pants. The stripes are green, blue and brown and they are a cropped length.

I managed to put these two items together and brought the greens together. On top, I have a maroon tank top that I thrifted in the winter time and I put brown, vintage hat on top. I felt cool, in style and in temperature. This will be a repeat, for sure.

As for beauty products, I have recently started trying the brand, Maui Moisture. They are cruelty free, so I thought I would try them out. I have been using their Lightweight + Hydration Shampoo in the Hibiscus Water scent. When I tell you this scent is amazing, I am telling the truth. I huff this stuff every time I am in the shower and can’t get enough of it. I think it has helped make my hair smoother and leaves a nice scent on my hair after I use it.

I recently bought the In-Shower Lotion as well, but haven’t tried it yet. I was sold by the scent, which is Pineapple Papaya. I will let y’all know how I like it on my Instagram after I have tried it a couple of times.

Other hair products I have picked up include the Hask 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray, which I use as a moisturizer when my hair is feeling dry or a type of hair spray when I have a lot of fly-aways, and the Not Your Mother’s 10-in-1 Hair Perfector, which I use as a detangler and leave-in conditioner. Both of these sprays have made my hair more manageable, soft and moisturized. To see what other cruelty free products I swear by, click here.

Last, but certainly not least, my husband, Logan and I bought a new bed during quarantine. Logan’s back had been hurting him and our old, queen mattress just wasn’t cutting it anymore. We thought about going with Casper or another trendy mattress brand, but ended up with getting a great deal on a king size mattress from Costco. Not only did we upgrade to a king, which is actually life-changing, we got a great deal on a super soft mattress that makes us feel like we are staying in a luxury hotel every night.

That’s all I have to share with you all today, but I hope you are all well and that you are treating yourself to some online shopping during this time if you can.

Update on March 4, 2022:

I donated the first green dress and the striped linen pants after a few wears. They just weren’t my cup of tea.

The mattress is quite possibly one of the best purchases we have ever made.