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5 Easter Outfits

If you were like me growing up, you had a grandma who bought you pretty dresses for holidays, specifically Christmas and Easter. The Christmas dress involved velvet and crinoline, which your mom cut out before dinner. The Easter dress was a pastel color and probably included lace of some sort. There was also probably a white shoe with a frilly sock sticking out of the top.

Because I am generous, I am including an example of said Easter look. I have cropped my cousin Kristin out for her own protection. And that watch definitely came from a Happy Meal, circa 1996. Fly as hell.

With all that being said, I still dress up for Easter and other holidays, except now I have to buy the dresses for myself. What’s up with that? Just kidding.

And though I know that this Easter is going to be different than those of the past because we are likely in self-isolation or quarantine, it’s still a good time to dress up and be with the ones you love, whether that is your family or your college roommate.

So, here is my take on Easter outfits. They should be springy. They should include pastels and white. They should be in celebration of the warm weather to come, if you are on the East Coast of the U.S.

I’ve come up with five Easter outfits and I am including formulas for those outfits. You should be able to consult your own closet, follow the formulas, and come up with a similar Easter look if you want to. These looks will also work for spring, in general, if you are not celebrating Easter or if you just want to rock them when you are free to leave your home.

Outfit Formula #1 –

Flowy dress in a pastel color or white + dangly earrings + brown or tan bootie

I took this new white dress that I got from ASOS Curve and paired it with some thrifted gold earrings and brown heeled booties and bam! Easter outfit! I love a white dress and it seems like Easter is the perfect time to break a new one out.

Also, I am not going to apologize for the dancing queen in the middle photo. I was listening to Harry Styles.

Outfit Formula #2 –

Floral pant + white t-shirt + denim jacket + brown or white shoe

Not only would I rock this look on Easter, I would wear this to work all spring long. Last summer, I scored these floral pants for $4.99 at Belk and I love them for work and play because they are slip-on and so comfy. I styled them with a white t-shirt from A New Day at Target, a thrifted denim jacket and Torrid brown sandals that I picked up from The Quirky Closet.

Another way to style this look would be to pick a color from the pants and find a top in that color, so for me, a red, pink or yellow top would have worked well! I think you could also put on white sneakers with this outfit and make it a bit more casual.

Outfit Formula #3 –

Pastel or white sweater + Light colored pant + sandals (or no shoes)

If it is colder where you are right now, this may be the look for you. I picked up this Loft lilac sweater from The Quirky Closet in the winter, but I think early spring is where it will shine. I did a lazy tuck into thrifted cream linen pants and slipped on the same brown Torrid sandals as in the last look. This look is so comfy-cute that those shoes would not last long and I would end up snuggled up on the couch with a good book.

Any color sweater or pant would work, but for some reason, a cream-colored linen pant makes me feel boujee and who doesn’t need that right now?

Outfit Formula #4 –

Midi skirt + white tank or tee + cardigan + espadrilles or Tom’s style shoe + dangly earrings

In my youth, I would have worn this to church on Easter Sunday, but sitting at my mom’s dining room table will work just as well.

You can never go wrong with a polka dot, am I right? I styled this wrap skirt from Loft that I picked up from The Quirky Closet with a white tank from Target, my FAVORITE Sam Edelman white espadrilles from last summer, a gray cardigan probably from Target again and red tear drop earrings. This combo is the perfect, appropriate, spring look!

This outfit also applies to the color rule I explained before. Pick a color in the skirt and put it on top. The cardigan could be replaced with a denim jacket or an undone button-up shirt. Also, wouldn’t my look work for a Minnie Mouse Disneybounding look?

Outfit Formula #5 –

Light-colored pant + white blouse + brown or white shoes

I think everyone has a white blouse in their closet, so this is perfect time to whip it out! I have these light green pants from Target that I am obsessed with that I paired with my thrifted white blouse and the Torrid brown sandals from before for an easy, comfy look. A last detail for this look was some tortoise shell brown hoop earrings that made me feel sassy. Not necessary, but recommended.

I would wear this outfit anywhere! And with how versatile it can be, you can too.

So, I hope you liked the outfit formula format of this blog and are ready to try some of the formulas out for yourself. Let me know if you do!

See y’all later, gonna go hide Easter eggs in my apartment for myself.

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